Confidence is cool, ya know


Demented… vain… easily knocked down. But its cool… You see it everywhere. You see people who got no bloody business being confident, being confident. And you don’t do anything about it… because we’re all like that.



Due to nothing worth while tho think about I try to guess strangers body gestures. One I believe I see a lot is people trying to figure out how they can look down on me. Or thinking of how they are better than me. I also think my physically aging and not being as attractive has lessoned people trying to look down at me. I also think girls trying to make long eye contact is creepy. Good thing about going bald and gaining weight.



I actually reek of confidence. I do heavy weightlifting (gonna join a powerlifting team this summer, I would now but I have night classes) and I am on a full scholarship at the university I go to, I often blurt out answers in class and dominate class discussions. I was asked my the prof in my last seminar class to hold back and give the other kids a chance to make arguments. I stay in environments that I am confident in- I go to one of those really intense gyms where they train for competitions and I am in the honors psychology program in school.

I don’t look at schizophrenia as something to lose confidence over. I stood my ground when I had my onset and made a 3.5 the first year of my schizophrenia, and I wasn’t on medication. If anything, highly functioning while borderline insane (referring to the legal definition of insanity, not the vulgar definition) was an experience that makes the rest of life rather boring.



I admit my self confidence has been kick a few hard times. I doubt myself a lot.
Is it real or is it SZ?

I’m safe in water so I’m confident in water. I don’t try “bring it” to the pool. I just swim. There are some guys who are real lane rager’s. But I let people lap me. I don’t get too messed up about that. It’s water… who wants to be uptight. Besides, the zen of swimming is… The faster you paddle, the faster you go nowhere. The slow you go, the faster you get across the pool. Long easy strokes.

There are also some surfers who brag it up and think I’m a pure geek for long boarding it. But again, for me it’s about the ride, not the show.

I think as I do more I get more confidence. It’s something I’m working on.



cocky is confideces ugly older brother.



i’m quite confident in my talents, writing, musically, and i’m quite confident in social situations. i’m not confident in my appearance which is fat and ugly right now. but there is not a whole lot i can do to change my looks. weight i can lose but my looks r something i’m stuck with for now.