Do you have confidence?

Is lack of confidence a part of schizophrenia? I had confidence on adderall. Is this a negative symptom

Im plenty confident. Schizophrenia does bring me down a bit. Im deeply ashamed of it. But still a very confident person.

depends on what come up. to weather I have any or not. I m a strong person spite my schizophrenia


Most of my confidence comes from my medication now.

I have some confidence that medication is going to keep me from bieng overcome by schizophrenia.

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It’s situational for me. Sometimes I have confidence and I’m on top of the world. An hour later, I fall apart and the vultures in my city pounce on me like a pack of lions attacking a wounded Wildebeast. Believe it or not, some people actually respect me, like a few of the guys where I live and a couple of people at work. I try to treat women fairly and my reward is to be walked all over. I’ve met many cool women though, there’s a women who just moved in to our building. She seems to respect me. I like her. She’s in her thirties but she seems really sweet. I just want to be nice to her and protect her. Oh yeah, she’s really cute too. But I’m not looking for a girlfriend at this point, it’s all I can do to just survive every day on my own.


Is confidence on adderal like “Rum Courage”?

When my holes are filled, I can do anything. But unbeknowst to me, sometime everything leaks out . . .

I only have confidence in little spurts…

I also always think things are going to be worse then they are.

I know my Sz shredded my confidence…

as always… some days are better then others.


When it’s there it’s there. When it’s not it’s not.

If I truly had it, it wouldn’t go anywhere.


i used to be overconfident… but i think i was trying to cover up inadequacy… i especially feel overconfident when i’m manic… like a really important person…

I don’t really think about, so I’m not even sure, it’s like it’s not really a factor in things. I just try to survive and do whatever I think will work the best. If it doesn’t work then that’s the end right there.

i lack confidence socially

I miss being able to socialize like I use to

I am gaining confidence daily.

Despite having it worse than most people and knowing that no treatment can ease my symptoms, I am still pretty optimistic about the future and I haven’t lost my self esteem. Just before the illness kicked in, I ran a marathon. Usually marathon runners are some of the most resilient people in terms of psyche… or so I like to believe :smiley:

No confidence. In fact, was passed over on promotion specifically for needing more confidence (their words, not mine). I wonder if this is either a direct symptom of sz or an indirect result of being sz in society…whatever it is I want accommodation for it in the work place but I never got it. :frowning:

Any tips on gaining (or just acting like you have) confidence?

I have little confidence. I’ve had misplaced confidence before. That’s worse than no confidence.

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Depends. I was somewhat lacking confidence prior to sz and had problems speaking in larger groups. After sz i dont care anymore but i still get that shame feeling sometimes for thinking inapproriate things or saying inapropriate things or behaving inapropriately (even though im not doing anything wrong). I dont think there is such a thing as confidence though, because most people are “cofident” just by being normal, really. You only notice confidence when you were lacking it for years before, but once it becomes the usual, it is as if nothing special.

i am very confident about what i am doing.i am the best.until oneday i find out it means my bf fall in love with another lady.everytime he wrote her a letter.iam very confident.

Would that undermine your confidence or would it actually be a sign of a weakness on your bfs part?

my bf who has a friend is also schizophrenia.he told me after we beem together 4years.that is why he stay with me.i don’t love him.i love his college who had schizophrenia.that is why some times he feels sad.i used curse him alien