On a scale of 1-10, Where is your confidence?

I remember before I started feeling schizophrenic I felt like the man. Picking up girls was a lot easier, I had tons of friends, I was the life of parties, basically my confidence was a 10. Now I have a hard time talking to people let alone girls, I don’t have many friends, and I don’t go to parties anymore… it was like a complete 180. Still my confidence is not a 1 but its got to be around a 3. How about you, if you could say where you would rank on this scale.

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Probably about a 3 as well.

I guess it would depend on the situation or type of confidence.

Socially, my confidence varies a lot. Sometimes it’s very low while at other times it’s pretty high. I can sometimes force myself to be overly confident when in a group type setting, it’s like a defense mechanism I guess.

My biggest lack of confidence is in my grammar. I would love to write but my lack of confidence holds me back. My girlfriend tells me that’s what copy editors are for but I still struggle with the uncertainty.

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Depends on the situation I’m in…

  • Photographing a wedding: 8/10 (despite being very good at my craft)
  • DJing a dance: 10/10 (I am fantastic with a control surface)
  • Parenting a tween: 3/10 (…and that’s on a GOOD day)
  • Managing my everyday life: 4/10

And so on.


Probably a negative 2.

Nearer to 1 than 2. 20 characters

Im about a 3/10 for confidence. It can be hard to build up confidence. But there are mental health clubs where people are understanding. Mental health clubs are where people go for a coffee and a chat, and theres activities going on like art, creative writing and health management. Its a good place to go to build up confidence. Google it.

1, I’ve never had high self confidence, even when I was younger…that’s part of my issues.

“On a scale of 1-10, Where is your confidence?”

I don’t really know. Wait a minute… that means I am not confident in my ability to rate my confidence accurately? Question mark? I’m not even confident in my ability to judge that I’m not confident in my being able to rate my confidence accurately.

Eh. I’ll just say 7. :stuck_out_tongue:

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I was never the most confident, but now I’m even less than that. Probably like a 3-4. Let’s say I used to be at a 6. I’m scared to approach girls now, even though I’m quite a handsome guy, no one would suspect schizophrenia looking or talking to me.

But he giveth, and he taketh away. This is the burden we must carry.

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Oh jeez confidence…

that’s some mysterious stuff to me.

In what context am I confident? I can go from ten to zero in no time at all…

It’s not the self confidence of dealing with strangers that I’m upset about.

It’s the lack of confidence to stand up for myself… or the lack of confidence to try new things and use any talent that I know I have.

If my sis or my girlfriend is around to break the ice for me… I can get up to a 5. If I’m alone, I’m most likely at a 1 or 2.

ok this is an odd one I just got out of bed.

I used to be 7 or 8 before I got this disease. Now I have only 2 or 3 out of the 10 as I know my limit so well.

minus 120…
take care

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