Confidence and schizophrenia

I think everybody here struggles with it. I somehow think I don’t deserve it. Sometimes I feel like I could get it if I wanted it. And sometimes I think that no one with schizophrenia has any. But some of you have it. And then I think of @condtion1 chasing down a thief down the street or @level owning his own business or these other guys on here who claim they don’t have confidence but are doing cool stuff. Then I think, I don’t care who it hurts, I’ll do my own thing and have confidence. How’s this for a ponderism @SurprisedJ ?

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Are you depressed? I have confidence, but I lose it when I’m depressed.

I actually have a little confidence but people drain it and leech it off me.

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Good ponder… I think your getting confidence… doing your own thing,

good post… don’t let other people get you down.

I’m confident but I prepare for the worst.

I feel like anxiety is more a kicker for me. But I happen to be a witty person which helps me interact. I either have some confidence and a lack of motivation, or I have low confidence and replaced it with arrogance.