Completely sober or have a drink every so often?

well now im completely sober but im already starting to think that I will give in and have a drink every once in a while starting in april. I don’t think im going to be the type to proclaim my “10 years sober” or nothing like that. I understand it helps people to keep track of their accomplishments and their growth but I don’t think I get anything out of that mindset. im not a problem drinker anymore, I drink responsible when I drink and will not have more than 3 drinks when I do drink.

for me I think the important thing is being mindful of if the alcohol is interrupting my life. for example if I stop working out or don’t get the things done I need to but am starting to drink more often I know it’s becoming a problem.

as of right now I feel the urge to drink about once every 2 months or so, to disrupt my normal boring routine and give me a fresh start. I think in a few months instead of staying completely sober I will keep track of how many times I drink in a year, with the goal to be 5 times or less for the year.


It’s good to set goals. I don’t think there’s anything inherently wrong with drinking, but everything in moderation. It’s important to realize if/when it’s becoming a problem and stop. Good luck to you, I think 5 times this year is a good goal.

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I drink a couple of whiskey and waters every now and then…sometimes a six pack of tall boys…I drink for the buzz, but I don’t like to get really drunk…so I am careful too.


If you’ve been a problem drinker in the past,

Its probably best to just stay sober.

The potential for things to spiral out of control is high.


I don’t drink very often at all. Maybe three or four times a year is all. I don’t really like the taste of alcohol. I like the cocktails and I like white wine too. Red wine gives me a headache every time so, I don’t drink that. I can’t stand beer.