Alcohol consumption

Just out of curiosity, how many alcoholic drinks do you consume in a typical week? I used to be an alcoholic but now I can have a drink and stop there, I don’t get sh1tfaced like I used to. On a couple of occasions since I quit being an alcoholic, I have had a few drinks, but I stopped before I got drunk. I was warned that getting drunk would make my meds quit working, so I have been careful. Before I got on meds, I used to drink at least 10 drinks in one night, usually more, and I would do this multiple times a week, basically whenever I felt like it. There were some nights where I drank around 20 shots. Somehow I didn’t black out. I had a ridiculous tolerance built up.

But how much and how often do you consume alcohol? I myself generally don’t drink but I had a beer last night with a buddy. It sparked my curiosity about you guys, I wondered if most of you don’t drink at all.

I haven’t had a drink in about a month. Before that I was a bottle of wine a week girl and at times in the past overindulged.

I used to get drunk every night and i would took the med before bed. That routine continued for 5 years, but in june 2012 i became delusional, i was also under heavy stress. From that day on i reduce to once a week up to 5 shots. The surprising part is i didn’t have psychosis wile i was drinking and living stress free, and i was still caring symptoms of schizo.

My dad and i both have schizoaffective disorder. He drinks 13 beers a night just about every night and stopped taking his meds since he said they didn’t work. He’s paranoid and hallucinating most of the time but he keeps it to himself and lies to his doctors. I haven’t had a drink in about two months, i’ve never drank heavily for fear of becoming an alcoholic like my dad.

I hadn’t drunk in years except for this Christmas where I had a glass of fizzy stuff and passed out for four hours. I was on a benzo at the time. Since then haven’t touched a drop. Don’t really miss it either. After years of substance use I am just happy to be on a sober state of mind.

During a typical week I don’t drink any alcohol. About every 6-8 months I’ll buy a bottle of alcohol and, over the course of a day or two, drink it till it’s gone. Sometimes I end up drinking a lot at one time.

I guess it’s binge drinking, but it’s so rare that I don’t worry about it.

I have no stopping power. If the coffee pot is full, I HAVE to drink all the coffee in there. My sis bought a smaller coffee pot. I’m part of the clean plate club. I can’t stop until it’s all gone. So my sis will dish tiny portions and pack the rest away in tiny portions.

If I open a bottle… I must, I have to, I have no way to stop myself, I have to empty it. The bottle is never left half full, it’s empty.

I don’t touch it. I don’t even tempt myself.

My consumption was very high when I was young. I wasn’t trying to get drunk, I was trying to calm down, and stop my voices. So every time I heard my voices I would drink as much as I could until I didn’t hear them anymore or I’d just finally pass out. I’ve had alcohol poisoning many times.

Now? I don’t touch a drop. Don’t even try to tempt myself. Don’t miss it, glad to be over it.


I don’t drink at all. I’m scared of getting diabetes since I take Zyprexa along with my Latuda.

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In the past I got to drink only on the international flights 2-4 times a year, you know those tiny bottles, free too. Now I don’t travel and will rarely buy a bottle of alcohol, drink a couple of glasses, and forget about the rest.

I bleave there is a fire you can’t take a way the alcohol demon it starts when the dna changes to creat a new the massive change by each type of grain leads to a hole new bread of demon may may years you my find it changes the outside as well. Alltho I do not wish bad on humanity the sins one can get off alcohol can be everlasting we are the last in line. Zen

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Being an alcoholic means if you aren’t busy you have extreme anxiety to drink. Alcohal abuser is different. Which means you drink more than you should and it causes problems in your life. First chapter of the AA Blue book says that AA takes in alcoholics and alcohol abusers as long as the person is trying not drink ever again. Lots of very educated people in the mental health field don’t get the difference.

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Thanks Boris, that was very informative! I never joined AA because I was too stubborn and I heard that they want you to believe in a higher power

I got a bit cheeky with AA and sort of made up my own higher power…

He was a nice Chupacabra with a Shiva/ Buddha twist. Then I just went for Buddha. I didn’t tell people about my higher power. I just smiled and nodded and affirmed that I had one. Higher powers can be very personal.


Higher power can be whatever you want it to be. For some it’s nature. I think that’s why they use the term higher power so that you don’t have to feel like it’s one particular thing. Whatever it is that you want to put faith in.

Oh ok. I thought they sort of demanded everyone to be religious.

I did know one guy who said his higher power was himself. He made the temple of Chris and didn’t want to put alcohol in the temple. I though that was pretty clever. He actually gave me the idea to make my own higher power.

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Lol thats something I would do. I was about to ask if you can just claim yourself to be your own higher power. Something rather typical of me, to be honest.

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A lot are and find solace in religion but no they just want you to put your faith into something.

@SurprisedJ I like Chris’s approach :smile:

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I used to drink heavily when I was 16-21 years old. Then I got a job and was only drunk on my days off. I stopped drinking when I got pregnant. But started again when kids ate real food. February 23 in 2010 I stopped completely. I haven’t had a drink since then. I was at AA meetings in the beginning but now manage on my own.

I couldn’t leave a bottle until it was empty. If there was more spirits or beer left I had to have it. I could drink 10 beers in one evening without passing out. But now it’s over. I don’t touch alcohol anymore.

My higher power was my grandfather. He helped me survive the tough withdrawal.


i had a small bottle of becks on valentines night and today i had a thimble of sweet wine at communion

i normally dont drink but even so i still have alcohol in my flat just in case someone comes over and they want some but that has never happened, my friend sweep never drinks and doesnt like it,

if i did drink i would never get drunk, i hate getting drunk because i have had bad experiences when i have got drunk in the past.

my dad is very sick just now because of alcohol and his liver is very bad, i actually phoned his doctor last week to ask if it was possible for me to give him part of my liver, its called a living liver donation and apparently my liver would grow back fully anyway,

but the doctor said that it is usually someone who is doing it for a sibling and she said that it had never really been done from a son to father before and that it would probably not be possible,

the only thing is that if i did this i wouldnt want him to abuse that part of my liver i gave him anyway but the doctor on the phone said she would contact his consultant and ask around to see if it would be possible anyway and if it was to happen i would need some really big assurances from my dad.

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