Does anyone here take a drink?

does anyone here take a drink?

I’m not meant to drink, but after the few days I’ve had I’m definitely at the bar tonight

I occasionally have a beer or two. Nothing crazy. Although, I have been using a lot of whiskey lately for tooth pain.

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im having a few cans now, and enjoying it,

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only 11 days left for my one year sobriety, so NO :smile:


I hit my one year too!!! It was in September sometime last year I drank.


Yay for us!



i can handle the effects of drink

The only two stores in town that sold beer both closed. If I want alcohol I’ve got to hitch hike six or seven miles to the nearest store that sells it.

I don’t drink…


I drink every once in awhile

I dont drink a drop - Haven’t in decades

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Rarely maybe once a year

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Been sober from everything else for about two years or more but its been about year and a month since I drank alcohol.


I shoot coca cola.


I’ve been sober for the past ten years. However I might take the odd single shot of whisky once in a while. I don’t think it is any good to drink with the APs.

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I’ve been meaning to ask you how long you’ve been sober

I’m 11 days sober, you’re 11 days to one year.

What a coincidence!

But tomorrow you’ll be 10 days away and I’ll be 12 days sober…so we’re going in opposite directions :cry:

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No not anymore, due to meds. It can cause symptoms. Not even a little. Not even once in a while. Why take that kind of risk. It will cause problems in the long run. And in the mean time the goal is to be symptom free.


I drink 1-2 times a week. When that happens i drink a 1L bottle of red wine and enjoy the music or a conversation with my gf. Sometimes i drink 1 beer after a stressful work. It helps. It relaxes me and make me enjoy things. I like to be sober too. And i like to drink too. I enjoy it both. Im not an alcoholic i can stop, but i need to “unplug” myself after a stressful week thats why i drink.

Also alcohol helped me get trough my darkest times. When i was bullied and i was bullied a lot at various workplaces ( not at the current workplace) and at school and this happened way before i got ill and alcohol helped me with that it eased my pain and made me forget about that, at least for the time i was drunk.

I like to give myself this treat to enjoy a little :slight_smile: And life without alcohol isnt bad either, you just need to be positive, alcohol just enhances all that :slight_smile:

not anymore.
get anxiety and panic attacks and feel a episode coming on when the buzz rolls through its not good.
won’t even be drinking on my birthday next month and let me tell you its the F#cking best feeling in the world not drinking after drinking heavily for a year!
$50 for a case of coronas here i’d go through 2 cases a week saving a fortune mate no joke would drink the 2 cases in about 2-3 days than sleep for a few days and be depressed and withdraw
stopped when I got arrested had 1 bottle of wine and a 6 pk in 6 months

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