5mg Olanzapine

Taking a reduction from 7.5mg Olanzapine to 5mg Olanzapine today, against the CPNs advice.

Hoping to gain a little more emotional feeling and motivation and hopefully won’t relapse.

If it doesn’t work then, may ask to take arriprazole again. But know I would have to start on at least 10mg.

That’s a low dose of olanzapine. I recently went down to 7.5mg and that was a hard reduction for me, but I’m planning on reducing further too. Hope it works out for you

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Thank you, I’m hoping for the best to.

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I quit Olanzapine and switched to another AP to get rid of this complaint

Will maybe try aripiprazole at 10mg, and then reduce to 7.5 mg if I can. Was bed bound at 15mg but felt well on 7.5 and 5mg.

best of luck with the med changes… i hope it will help you.
but you doing it against the advice of the CPNs… that doesn’t sound smart… but it’s your choice of course.

She thinks it’s to soon as I only reduced to 7.5 for a month. I hope that it works out and have some 7.5s in reserve for if I start feeling the start of psychosis. Although I know there’s a big chance I won’t realise I’m getting unwell.

Not sure yet if my symptoms of a lack of motivation and emotion are the illness or medication induced.

If this doesn’t improve things and I don’t go psychotic I’ll ask to go back on aripiprazole.

Fingers crossed.

I relapsed with 7.5mg olanzapine, now i’m on 15mg… Don’t know if it will be possible to reduce one day.

I’ve been on7.5 for a month and have felt fine except for being a little sedated and lack of emotion. Hopefully I’ll be okay and get back to being more of myself. Definitely don’t want a relapse, but I suppose it’s the risk I’m taking.

Also am having erectile problems so hoping they will improve on a lower dose. I am smoking heavy though.

If all goes well and there’s not much improvement I’ll go back to aripiprazole.

I went from 40mg down to 0 over a period of about 4 years. But after i quit I had horrible insomnia. I am on sleeping pills now (clonazepam). It was a hard drug to quit for me, I had a lot of weird withdrawal effects so I had to go super slow. I am on Lurasidone now and am doing much better.

Feeling a lot better already today. Seem to have more energy and emotional feeling

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My sense of humour and happiness has returned. Also finding it easier to think. Life feels liveable again. Hopefully all keeps going well. Goes to show the massive effects aps have on emotion and cognitive function.

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Even more emotional feeling today and felt comfortable managing staff at work. I’m feeling almost like my old self, cognition has improved massively.

Hopefully it all works out.

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