Comorbid psychological disoders

Who else has comorbid disorders? I am a psychopath (according to my evalutation), but not completely psychopathic, just 75%, and I have generalized anxiety disorder.

I know that I am a psychopath which makes me much less of one, but I still have issues with aggression and sexuality. I am a competitive powerlifter and I end up getting people to do what I want them to sexually. I have a guy cheating on his boyfriend with me (im bisexual, Im male) and my female partner who i ditched about a month ago was a friend with benefits who I had sex with after lifting weights, I got her to do what I wanted when I wanted it.

I have paranoid schizophrenia, but am fully recovered an symptom free. If I woke up with amnesia, didnt know what my meds were for and took them anyway, I would never guess that I am a paranoid schizophrenic.

I’ve read that a huge percentage of us have comorbid disorders.

I’m in the process of getting another assesment. A worker assigned to me thinks I have ASPD.

Undifferentiated SZ, more disorganized then paranoid.

On top of that there is the gift of substance abuse, Anxiety disorder and hyperactivity when I’m not deep in negative symptom.

Explain to us what a comorbid disorder is. I’ve never heard of it.

If it was between two consenting adults, and you both enjoyed it, then wonderful.
Otherwise, you sound not much different from a bully/rapist…I don’t think I’d brag too much about this trait, it’s giving us Sz’rs a bad name.


My therapist once told me that I had rather acute obsessive compulsive tendencies. OCD runs in my family so I wouldn’t be surprised. Despite feeling out of it most of the time, I’m particular about keeping up a neat and orderly area. Otherwise I get even more anxious and reactive.

My comorbid would be, feeling guilt, depression, low self esteem and withdrawing from people who have high self esteem.

i have borderline personality disorder along with my sz

I do not even know if I have schizoaffective. I suspect I have schizophrenia with bipolar combined. The bipolar side is just too strong. I also suffer with anxiety issues. My official dx is schizoaffective

Well its psychpathy and not scz, im not blaming schizophrenia for it, like I said I am fully recovered. It was consensual, she was all for it.

Only diagnosed with paranoid PD but also experience general and social anxiety, mild depression, avoidant/borderline/schizotypal traits, aspergers/ non verbal learning disorder symptoms

sounds a lot like aspergers. My sister’s fiance is a high functioning autistic man, he works in IT and does well, just got a scholarship and a stipend for a PhD program in museum conservation. Looks like they’re getting married and going to Pennsylvania (He got his scholarship and stipend from Drexel). He is very bright, smarter than me I believe, but he has some social difficulties and mainly talks about facts, you can kind of tell that he is different.

He gets to the point and is extremely logical. I like him better than most normal people. I have a rare personality type, I am an INTJ, which means I am not autistic by any means (ive been evaluated) but have more in common with autistic people than 99% of the population. I am very logical and tend to talk about facts, but I can make jokes and blend in socially with small talk and an understanding of body language and social cues and that sort of stuff. He basically talks non-stop about facts. I like it, he’s smart and sees the world differently and hell he functions extremely highly, I almost wish I was like him. He works upwards of 60 hours a week and just got a scholarship and a stipend to grad school, that’s about as highly functioning as can be!

I have an old friend from high school who has aspergers, he is dis-inhibited and often vulgar, bright and very highly functioning. I guess the autism spectrum has a lot of variety within it. I have a cousin who is autistic and very good at art, but you would not say that he is highly functioning, he needs support.

So yeah, the autism spectrum has all sorts of people in it. Impaired people, extremely highly functioning people who make autism look like an adaptive trait, and people who function very highly, like a normal person but have some notably abnormal behaviors like making sex jokes every minute (my old friend from high school).

Simon Baron Cohen thinks that autism is an extreme form of the male brain. His theory was covered in lectures in my classes and I think he is correct. I am very masculine and logical, I feel like I am one step away from my logical thinking being abnormal. I just didn’t show up as autistic when I was evaluated, I tested highly for aggression and also psychopathy, as well as off the chart for paranoid scz. I also tested very highly for trauma, which the evaluator stressed the most to me, he said it was a major problem and required therapy.

I have paranoid schizophrenia, it’s basically gone due to effective meds (yay) but I have some psychopathy that comes out in my aggression and sexual behavior (competitive powerlifting, martial arts in the past, and not feeling any guilt for getting someone to cheat on their partner, for example)

The thing about psychopathy is that once you know that you have it, you have less of it. I used to be pretty disturbed, in junior high I was the “serial killer” kid who listened to metal and drew pictures of people killing each other and played violent video games. I still listen to metal but I don’t draw people killing eachother and I am aware of having a very short fuse and a lower level of empathy than most people. I am not 100% psychopathic, I came out as 75%, so I still do feel empathy, I think puppies and babies are cute, it feels wrong to hurt a person unless they try to hurt me, ect. but if someone insults me or I am in a competitive situation, it’s survival of the fittest and I lose my sense of empathy. Like in martial arts, I was courteous and respectful in sparring matches, I would bow before and after fighting, but I was vicious and brutal and enjoyed breaking people’s morale.

Then why do you makeit sound like you forced yourself to get what you want?
Is this a power trip?

No im saying I cant help but manipulate people. That’s what psychopathy is all about- what I want, when I want it. That’s a psychopaths primary concern.

social anxiety, mild agorophobia, depression maybe i just am scared of other monekys like staying in my house and a moody git LOL

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And your going to work in the mental health field?
Aren’t you concerned you are going to do more harm than good with those already suffering?

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Psychopaths don’t do concern. They do self interest. Quite frankly if what Mortimer says is true, and not delusional, then he shouldn’t be allowed anywhere near a job dealing with vulnerable people.


Mortimermouse has given me a lot of likes - I think he’s a nice psychopath


But would you want him as your Pdoc or therapist?

No I am aware and in control of my behavior- I am years away from practicing and I will satisfy my “what I what, when I want it” by helping people and getting paid a lot for it. Psychologists make a lot of money.

I am not completely psychopathic, just right on the pathological level of it. I have outlets for my aggression but getting a guy to cheat on his partner is an example of where I need more self control. Getting someone to have sex with me just doesnt make me feel guilty. I know that it is wrong, I just dont care or hesitate and do it anyway. But even knowing saying that is an means I am aware of my behavior and could control it if I tried harder. Maybe that will be the only I get someone to cheat on their partner.

It’s not like I will have someone come in suffering from schizophrenia and then me insult them or anything- I have empathy for people who have experienced what I have, but I look down on most other people for not enduring hell like I have. I have time to work on that. I deeply respect combat veterans or people with disorders but I see most others as inferior and naive about what they live for. It takes suffering to really have a clue about why life is worth living in my opinion. I grew up as a spoiled kid and all of my friends are spoiled kids, kids whose parents are the 1% (I went to an elite high school, my rich grandparents paid for it, Memphis public schools suck and are full of delinquents and they wanted me to go to a private school) and I look down on people who havent suffered like I have. I just see them as weak.

Why do you think I, a recovered person posts on these forums? I want to be of use to other people who arent as lucky as I am to be the 20% who recover, and I do my best to apply my knowledge of the illness from my studies as a Psychology major and as someone who used to be insane.