Common drugs may be contributing to depression


About 33% of the population takes these drugs.


The only time I ever experienced true, clinical depression was when I was taking Depakote. every drug affects every person differently.


im taking paxil 18 years


Yes I heard this too…
painkillers, contraceptives, heart medicines…


Whenever I was on anticonvulsants in the past for mood stabilizing, I would become depressed very quickly and suicidal. I would end up over dosing and in the hospital. Lithium the same way even though not an anticonvulsant did the same. Tried gabapentin last December and started getting depressed really bad after a few days. I know a lot of people take these drugs and feel better. I seem to do better on antipsychotics, I don’t feel suicidal. I’ve told the doctor this and they just try to suggest more anticonvulsants. Like the doctor suggested lyrica the other day. I just am scared to even try it. Maybe I should try it? I just don’t want to go to the hospital ever again really.