Coming to terms

I realise that my obsession with philosophy seems to come out of my psychotic tendencies. While it does help with giving meaning to life i get consumed by it.
Instead of just living and doing things i like to do.
I also now know the importance of medication and live a structured healthy life.


When I’m getting sick I become obsessed with religion, I’ll read 3 book’s a week, pray constantly and get totally stuck. So when that starts happening my pdoc recognizes it and with the help of meds I get back on track.


Yes recognizable. I see my therapist tomorrow, luckily i am aware of it.
Its also really hard to make sense of a world that just seems absurd

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I sometimes struggle to break free from this very same thought space. I guess we should give meaning to our own life and not try to understand the world at large, it’s impossible for one man to see how all is connected.


Just curious, what do you mean absurd. I don’t know much philosophy.

I don’t have inner dialogue with meds so I don’t think about thinking like I did before

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