Comfort in sadness?

Hey guys, a bit of a strange one, as above, thoughts?

There was this female poet on this site who wrote a line in a poem that really struck me. It went: “My sadness turns the moon an exquisite blue.” Something like that. That’s the way it has been with me. It seems like when I am very lonely the world around me starts to look very beautiful. The beauty of light at night is exquisite. It is some comfort to my melancholy.


Yep totally agree crimby nice qoute!


I Have Personally Discovered Within The Sometimes Thin Thread Of Wishes & Dreams. . .,

That Isolation Has The Key To Keep Our Shadow In It’s Center Of Reflections During Chaos.

Without Nothing Crossing Boundaries Into Our Spiritual Territory. Our Shell Can Stay Intact.

And!, We Can Learn About The Complex Maze Of Simplicity. Where We Can Keep It Light, And Keep It Moving. As Has Been Expressed By Some Important Artistic Individuals. Some Time Ago.

I’m Wandering Slightly.

But!, Beauty For Me Has Always Been Finding The Secret Treasures Of Nature.

Which Leads To Each And Every Individual On Planet Earth.

Like A Spider’s Web. Only The Spider Doesn’t Destroy Or Take. And Is Invisible.

At Least To The Naked Eye. . . . . . .

There is an addictive nature to sadness. People can take refuge in it.

It is due to ego driven people getting attention and ‘nourishment’ from their own pain. Feeding the ego is what it is all about for most people and it is clever and devious to the levels it goes to keep the ego inflated.

If you follow this path you will be unhappy and addicted to being unhappy. Become aware of the ego in yourself first and then take paths to avoid it and that means living in the present and not the past or future.

If you can, meditate. Also read ‘The power of now’ by Tolle. :slight_smile:

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