Hello. What Resonates With You Personally In A Hopeful, Helpful Way?

Feel Free To Share Your Thoughts, And Ideas On That Question Subjectively.

Me Personally?. Hmm. I Find My Drive And Spark In Mostly, Music.

With, Of Course, Many Other Inspirational & Important Things.

But!, I Would Like To Give Room For All Of You To Share Yours.


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Since I’m The Only One Around Right Now Interested In Sharing The Slight Deeper Level Of Happiness In The Realm Of Consciousnesses Subconsciousness. With The Objective Effort Of Bringing Possible Joy?, To Anyone Here Feeling Maybe Helpless.

Because I Have Certainly Discovered That Without Some Form Of Light. Some Metaphorical Candle. One Can Lose The Sight Of Truth In Pure Beauty.

Honest Beauty In Living Isn’t Found In The Mirror. Now Don’t Get It Twisted. I Have Found Myself Gazing At The Reflection Of Skin & Flesh. Sometimes Causing Withdraw. Sometimes Causing Laughter. Sometimes Causing Indifference.

But The Truth Is…, Beauty Is Found In Aspirations To Better Yourself. When You Find Confusion Staring At You With Confusion.

Not To Mention Beauty In, Nature, Peace, Friendship, And Love. Which Doesn’t Equal All And Everything That Exist’s. But!, It’s A Great Start To Accept Who You Are.

And Find Purity, Not Guilt, Shame, Sadness, Misery, Regret, Hopelessness, And Hate.

So It’s Jus A Quick Example Of Finding Ways To Discover The Door For Joy In Your Life.

Thread Of Course Is Still Open For Anyone Interested In The Original Question. Or Thus Post.


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In Further Inspection. I Would Like To Share A Song And Video That I Found, And Still Find, Weight Lifting And Hopeful. It’s A Clear Message Of Internal Wander, And External Triumphant Self Discovery. Of A World These Artist’s Have Experienced. Perhaps Jus Dave Matthews Himself, Since He Is The Lead Songwriter. And Vocalist. Now Don’t Quote Me On That. Because I Personally Found And Find Myself So Extraordinarily Amazed At Thus Bands’s Collection Of Music Video’s, That I Am Almost Frightened To Dig Any Further. Into Possible Albums Telling Stories Of Extreme Sadness Or Pain.

But!, I Could Be Wrong. So Another One On A Possible To Do List.

Please Enjoy!.


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On The Subject Of Music As Hopeful And Helpful To Me Personally. I’d Like To Share Something Else. I Find Myself Extraordinarily Inspired By Music. When I Was Younger Than I Am Now. I Loved Sitting In Front To The Television, Watching Music Video Channels. The Main, Most Impressive One To Me Was The Original MTV.

I Was Always Awestruck By Any Video That Either Confused Me, Inspired Me, Or Showed Me Strange Or Slightly Culturally Specific Art Within The Large Sphere Of Seemingly Endless Emotions.

So I Said To Myself One Sunny Day. I Would Love To Learn An Instrument. Jus To See What All Of Thus Amazing Stuff Was About.

Point Is, Your Heart. Inner/Outer Building Blocks Of Psychological Simplicity, And Endless Emotional Shifting. Is Very Important To The Final Result Of Your Almost Endless Decisions That You Will Make Here On Thus Earth.

So. With That In Mind. Take A Look At Thus Quick Chart And Decide How You Feel Now. How You Felt In Your Difficult Past. And What Your Dreams Are For The Future.

Here Is A Possible Slightly Helpful Psychological Assignment I Would Like To Share With You.

Give Thus Chart A Look, And Try To Find The Link With Your Favorite Art Pieces. And These Listed Out Emotions.

And Maybe Make Your Own List Of How You Feel, (Using Thus List), Depending On The Piece Of Art You Enjoy.

With The Intent To Subtract Anything That Brings You Further Down Into An Endless Spiral Of Negativity & Self Defeat. And The Intent To Highlight What May Be Helpful In The Way It Helps You Bravely, Safely Explore.


As The Flaming Lips Announcer Says In The Album, ‘Yoshimi Battles The Pink Robots’.

THE TEST BEGINS::::::: NOW (!!!).


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Great question and share… thank you.
Resonating and frequency have become an obsession for me in a figurative and literal sense.
The literal senses:
I started seeing the resonance of objects and seeing and feeling frequency about 10-11 months ago and it was like being gifted the ability to play and see the world in a whole new sense.
Certain literal frequencies bring me relief from various means and as of recently one of the earth frequencies which is the ohm 136.1 hz I believe I’m remembering it right is spectacular and calming.
I bought a biosonic weighted tunic fork with a quartz jewel foot and it helps allot.
I’ve also bought many tuning forks other than and also have find ways to create frequency and resonance by taping other objects in various ways… it’s tun and lovely.
Earlier in life … growing up I started to find peace and joy in the little things in life. As to off set the heaviness brought on from others and things I would you to the hidden beauties it seems others over looked like sweetness of sunshine , fresh air, the idea of new possibilities and adventure being around any corner.
Especially squirrels … watching them play and live in perceived simplicity brought me allot of joy and peace.
Pretty much cherishing what ever I could how ever I could.
It’s hard to do now a days but those things are still there.
Also listening to cheesy pop punk helps ALLOT!! Lol
I tried to communicate with the Goddess Kali and felt like she asked me to dig deep and really discover the true nature of beauty.
I’ve done this with topics such as evil and other things and it always seems to boil down to simplicity in its purest form.
But overall I don’t know.

Thank You For Your Share @Oddfellow.

Interesting Points Of View.

On The Subjects Of Instruments (With Your Tuning Fork Tuner Example In Mind). In My Overall Personal Hopes And Experiences Within Musical Landscape. I Found The Piano To Be Extremely Rewarding. I Played Both, Keyboards & Grand Piano’s. And Would Love To Play An Ondes Martenot, Or, Theremin. With My Admitted Lack Actual Experience With Any Of Those Two Instruments Mentioned.

I Am Currently At A Standstill With My Last Musical Purchase With The Violin. Which, When Played By Someone Like Andrew Bird, I Am Completely Clueless In Comparison.

But!, That’s Beside The Point.

Music…, The Great Communicator!.


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Back To Using Successful Music, (Not With The Intent To Crush Unknown Artists’ Dreams), But!, To Give A Solid Example, Perhaps Template For Anyone Curious About How One Might Begin The Initiated Project To Better Understand What Helps Or Hinders Their Emotional Spheres Of Existence.

Radiohead~ ‘Optimistic’. (Album/Kid A). (Released October 2, 2000)

    1. Flies Are Buzzin Round My Head —(Charmed)—
    1. Vultures Circling Round The Dead —(Upset)—
    1. Pickin Up Every Last Crumb —(Let Down)—
    1. Big Fish Eat The Little Ones X2 —(Wounded)—
    1. Not My Problem Give Me Some —(Crushed)—
    1. You Can Try The Best You Can X2 —(Prepared)—
    1. Best You Can Is Good Enough —(Pleased)—
    1. This Ones Optimistic —(Optimistic)—
    1. This One Went To Market —(Sorrowful)—
    1. This One Jus Came Out Of The Swamp —(Encouraged)—
    1. This One Drops The Payload —(Amused)—
    1. Fodder For The Animals —(Upset)—
    1. Livin On Animal Farm —(Crushed)—
    1. You Can Try The Best You Can X2 —(The Same As Before With 6)—
    1. The Best You Can Is Good Enough —(The Same As Before With 7)—

(Ending With Some Unhappy Aggression, Leading Into Peaceful Security)


Thus Song, Hit Me With Such Intelligent Subversive Authority. That I Felt Like It Was Explaining The Nature Of Some Sort Of Culturally Collective Beast. Good Or Bad, I Really Had No Idea During My First Trips Within The Album That Song Sits Within. But When Thom Yorke Sing’s, ‘Try The Best You Can, The Best You Can Is Good Enough’. I Knew It Was Something Worth Diving Into.

N e Hoo.

Thought’s, Or Your Own Personal Quick Chart Scan With One Of Your Favorites?.


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THat is great!
I’ve founded with instruments just connecting with them with out pressure of expectations help someone allot.
I’ve played a handful or more different instruments over the years and can’t say I’m a master of any.
Altho I’ve Played with college trained professional musicians in a step right in capacity for gigs and shows.
They always said it was only allowed because I had a great ear for music and could pic it all up on the fly.
Therimen is wonderful. I’ve never played one but have performed shows with others and a friend who does.
I played a large Charlie black lock special bass musical saw in a band for two years.
It’s similar in many ways as far as sound and also the fact that their both best played by ear and mostly connecting with it in. General/
I recently purchased a set of full moon Tibetan singing bowls… they are things of legend when the touch my ears and shake my being to the Core.
Crazy thing is they/ Buddhist monks make the whole 7 bowl set in one full moon night to capture that energy.
I believe it because I definitely feel all that moon move and sway in their resonance.
I also recently purchased a 16” remo black buffalo drum and an inexpensive Kalimba that Isco beautiful quaint and easy to play.
Next and last ( hopefully) to be added to the list will be a kravic lyre. They are straight out of myth and legend

Thanks For Your Well Thought Out Thoughts @Oddfellow.

Not Sure If I Said Thus Already But!, I Have Been Fascinated By Instruments And Say, (For Example), The Band Radiohead Ever Since ‘Ok Computer’ Was Released In 1997.

They Opened The Door For Me To Analyse Each Different Instrument During Each Different Song. In It’s Oceanic Levels Of Frequencies. As The Beat Would Shuffle, The Bass Would Bounce Along, As The Rhythm Guitar Created The Wave During The Vocal Soaring. Waiting For The Solo’s To Speak In Languages Still Undecoded.

A Great Example Would Be, ‘How To Disappear Completely’ (By) Radiohead.

One Morning, (Years Ago), My Lacy (Pup) Friend Was Laying By The Fireplace As I Was Singing Along To ‘Kid A’ In The Kitchen. On My Little Modest Stereo. And As The Slightly Chaotic Ending With Strings In That ‘How To Disappear Completely’, Song Was Playing I Was Preparing Myself To Match Thom Yorke’s Moment Of Flight Within The Strings. And When The Moment Arrived. My Beautiful Pup Howled At The Exact Moment The Vocals And I Took Flight.

Something That Still Resonates With Me To Thus Day.


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Jus Sayin Hello Dear Readers.

So…, Umm…, Well…, Uhh…, Hmmm…, Ya’know…, Well…, I Ah…, Umm…, Hello?.

Like That Gorillaz Track, ‘IS THERE ANYBODY OUT THERE’!?!.


N e Hoo.

Cool Band.

Hope Everyone Is Feeling Chipper!.

Thread’s Still Open For Resonating Memories & Coping Skills.


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Wow !! I know a little About radio head but truly feel based on what you’ve told me that I haven’t given them a proper listen nor have I taken a chance to delve in.
I love the candid lyrical style also.
Not to be a downer but when my pups where still here every moment of their lives were special like that to me.
Never a moment taken for less than a heavenly opportunity to enjoy the calm of loving bliss.

My husky boy pretty Ricky was said to almost howl right on key more than once by singers who had been walking by at various times.

Life is full of glory and thank you for sharing your heart in that way🔥

“A Christmas Carol” by Charles Dickens.

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