Why people dislike being sad?

Why do you think people don’t like being sad?

it’s 4:04 p.m. here. we’re thinking of Jeopardy, and slanted news.

I think it was Daze that wrote a line in a poem that struck me: “My sadness turns the moon an exquisite blue”. That line really struck me. There is something about melancholy that exists somewhere between sadness and happiness.

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For me, being sad makes me remember other time is was sad, which is a whole lot of sad. I’d prefer a bite-sized version.

Feeling sad occasionally can be a good thing. On the other hand, if you are depressed all the time that is a bad thing. But just occasionally indulging yourself by feeling sad about different things is not a terrible thing. Occasionally feeling sad about the way your life turned out or about your diseased parents or the fact you got schizophrenia can be a good thing; in moderation. Constantly being sad, day after day, all day, is too much.


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