Combining antipsychotics

My care coordinator talks about me taking another antipsychotic alongside olanzapine - either as a pill or a depot injection. Does anyone else take more than one antipsychotic and if so which ones?

Thank you


I take Geodon and Latuda. Both orally.


I’m on high dose of olanzapine and a low dose aripiprazole. I’m not sure if adding the aripiprazole has had any effects on paranoia etc, but it does seem to make me a bit less tired and a bit less hungry compared to olanzapine alone. I’ve lost some weight without any effort just by adding the aripiprazole which is good


I take 300mg Clozaril and 60mg Latuda; I’m treatment resistant and I finally feel better on this combo.


I would not recommend doing this, years ago I switched to a different AP without letting the first one wear off first, I got so ill I nearly screamed. I was in excruciating pain mentally.

I take three: Risperdal Consta injection, Geodon and Seroquel. I was treatment resistant all my life. This three med combo works great for me. I am sza.


What were your symptoms, may I ask? Pain how?

I take 600 mg Clozaryl and 4 mg Haldol. I’m thinking of trying something new though.

I did
It was very useful in getting me well and it kept me well
I think they do it for a short while
A year or so maybe less
Helpful generally
Don’t be afraid of it, it’s just to get the best out of your recovery

Saphris and abilify

Thank you everyone



It is hard to explain, there had to be something extremely wrong in my brain for me to feel that way, it was a very sick feeling mentally, like I said I almost screamed.


I take abilify 7.5 mg, and I take clozapine 400mg.

I was on Abilify 400mg injection and 800mg Seroquel oral… they worked pretty well together for me.

I take amisulpride 200mg and olanzapine 2,5mg. The two work well for me. Amisulpride helps with positive symptoms and olanzapine with negative symptoms.

That’s a lot of Seroquel… my 100 sedates me … I’m such a wuss

I take 4. Geodon, Latuda, Clozaril and sometimes Haldol. I’m treatment resistant. I also get ECT for my psychosis. They just added the Haldol as a PRN because I hear voices at night. This illness sucks. :sun_with_face:


depot is better go to blood directly and in portions along long time
oral i doubt they reach their site !!! why ?
cause they need absorption first which is not easy for very lipophilic material so about ~~50% absorbed
then pass through liver w is called first pass effect they
afterthat about 10-20-30% go to brain w is not enough to exert their effect
they should increase the doses to maintain the same effect increasing doses usually combined with higher side effects w is not good!!!
depot is better less dose less side effect and go to brain directly!

I used many drugs in combination with each other. I combined several drugs with Aripiprazole like, Risperidone, Amisulpride, Quetiapine, ziprasidone, Asenapine and Paliperidone, Of course I did not take all of them at once, but combined one or may be two of them with Abilify. Luckily I never had any side effects for using them. Now I am taking Lurasidone with Aripiprazole and I think this is the best combination I ever had.

I take 15mg risperidone and 45mg haldol…