Cold weather, cold emotions

I’ve never felt this effected by the cold before. Usually here in the Rain City we bundle up and pack extra clothing and it’s all OK. Everyone ends up wet. It’s Seattle…

But this past week has just been clear, dry and cold. I know other places are having a cold snap much worse then there. But I’ve been feeling really shut down by the cold.

It’s been making me stay in bed more to try and get warm. The more I sit around in bed, the more I feel withdrawn and less up for any sort of effort to getting up and getting on with my day.

It’s odd how just sitting here… I can tell really isn’t doing me any good. It’s like the head circus want’s to act up since I’m sitting still. I’ve never felt this effected by the seasons before…

But if I’m honest, I’ve never really been paying attention to life outside my head to really notice the seasons. Last year was the first year I feel I was really paying attention to life outside my head and last year was sort of mild for the temperature.

This year is getting hard to fight off. I do NOT want to swing into a depression or emotionally shut down before Christmas. It might be time to try that light therapy. If I wasn’t so afraid of fire I’d get an electric blanket.

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I see a lot going around about SAD or seasonal affective disorder. This time of year can be hard on people because of the change in temperature and the holidays. I have a wool sweater that I wear around at home when I’m cold. Something about wool just makes you feel cuddled up and warm.

surprisedj, try opening the window and breathing in the fresh cold air. it really works!!

besides light therapy there is much you can do like visit some place that feels cozy… a library, a coffee shop, a shopping mall and enjoy this time of year with the decorations. maybe you can buy yourself a hot cup of something different… apple cider?


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Weather adds weird feelings sometimes. For me weather in a day gives me feelings that go back to an event in the past with similar feeling. Hope you don’t hit a winter depression…therapy isn’t a bad idea before it spirals.

Oddly, December and January are generally my good months. My hospital stays almost always start at the end of April or May. Weather can definitely do things. I hear if you don’t get enough natural sunlight, it’s possible to end up with vitamin deficiencies.

This year the darkness of Autumn has really brought me down.
Im feeling a bit less down lately, hope you feel better soon as well.

ive been thinking that its summer in austraila down under, and think our summer will come around again the seasons keep changing, the earth is traveling in space around the sun, on the 21st of this month the days begin to get longer right up to 21st of june.

That sounds like a really good idea. I’ve been trying to do one new thing every day. Tomorrow, apple cider.

I bought candy cane flavored hot chocolate from the grocery store.

I feel the same way…i live in the south and theres been an unusual cold snap here too. The sun just came back out today, it was gone for a week. It makes me want to sleep more, and waking up is already a pain in the ass because I feel weird before i have a coffee and take all my meds. I suggest doing some warm stuff, like drinking hot drinks (I drink black coffee) and maybe going to the gym. Gyms are warm and it feels great to get sweaty when its freezing outside, makes you forget it’s as cold as it is. I quit going to the school gym and the gym I go to now isnt as warm so I usually wear a hoodie but oh well

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This sensational feeling of warmth in bed is so hard to fight…here the degrees can go to -15 and it’s going worse with time to reach -30’s and -40’s…it’s harder on normal people not only us, so I don’t see a problem with not wanting to get up…what I usually did is I get up turn on the heater in my room and then go back to bed, set up and wrap my self with the warm sheets until my room’s temperature is a little bit warmer, it’s less painful that way.

It’s cold here in California too. The manager of my apartment complex tacked a notice on everybody’s front door warning that our pipes(plumbing) might freeze over and the pipes might burst! It recommended that we keep all faucets at a slow drip and clear out everything near plumbing so our belongings don’t get wet if the pipes burst.

I’m going to be able to get warm. The kid sis read this and got my snow gear out of storage and I have a good sleeping bag. I’ll start to get warm.

77nick77… good luck with those pipes. I’ve never had this happen, but I have seen what a mess it can leave.