Winter depression

I’ve got the winter blues pretty bad.

Having a hard time keeping a normal sleep schedule because I slept later and later everyday.

I stayed up all last night so maybe I can get back on track tonight.

Left the house at 6 am to go grocery shopping and drop off recycling. Also went to Walmart and the bagel shop. It’s only 8:30 am and I feel accomplished, lol. Going to work on a school project later today if I can concentrate well enough.

Well, that’s the update on me. Hope everyone has a good day.


Yea it’s been so gray and cold here

I’m enjoying today.

The weather has gotten nicer


Sorry to hear this @Gamera

I hope you feel better. You were very productive and should feel accomplished because you did a lot of errands yesterday. That takes a lot of energy and time. Good work!

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I’m doing a photo blog post on this today.


Can’t wait too see it and yeah winter sucks

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Same here. This has been the longest, the most gray and wet winter i can remember, but at least spring is around the corner.

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That’s crazy. Grocery stores and… any store in general opens at 8 am here.

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Kroger and Walmart open at 6 am here. It’s not a bad time to shop because it’s so empty, but the stockers at the grocery store always block off large parts of the aisles so it’s a toss up.

I was suffering from winter depression before I came to Spain in the beginning of December. The light and sun seem to have sorted out the issue for me.

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I can understand where you’re coming from completely. I have a general down feeling. This is common for me in January and February as they’re the coldest months of the year where I live.

This is part of the reason we plan a trip in a warm, sunny place in February. It also coincides with our children’s winter break. We leave Thursday. All of us can’t wait.

Hang in there.

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