Cold showers

I find now in summer when I take a cold shower my posture corrects very positively.
Do you think cold showers have a positive effect on the psyche?
And what about warm water?


I dont know man, but i take cold showers so i can wake up

Prefects,at the public school I went to, made you have a cold shower if they decided you’d done something wrong. It refreshed you at first, but by midday it was a struggle to keep your eyes from drooping.

No :-1: im a wimp and i take baths becuase a cold shower is uncomfortable qnd i cant handle it honestly.

At the beginning I start with warm water
and gradually i turn it to cold and frozen.
I like it

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There’s benefits to both hot and cold showers. Duriing our summer I was taking cold showers. No bath so had to be a shower but cold helps with circulaltion and it’s good for muscle recovery. It’s too cold out here now so back to hot showers for me.

I take warm showers in the winter and tepid showers in the summer. I don’t like cold showers.

When I first moved in to my apartment, there wasn’t much hot water, so I was showering on the cold side. I don’t like cold showers though. I can get some hot water now, but I have to let the faucet run for about five minutes. This really wastes water though!

i like hot water

it helps me relax

but in hot days of summer i jump in a quick cold shower

showers are hard for me though so i dont shower much

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Only place I ever got cold showers was jail. Hated it.

My sister got me his book. I need to try the cold showers

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I take shower as per weather if hot weather i take cold and vice versa

I can tolerate a cold shower but if you really stink you need hot water.

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