Coincidents everywhere

Who else deals with coincidents with their illness. I have them every where saying that iam the one and gonna die and go to hell forever and there in everything from movies tv show music books and even video games. Oh and places of business about my bad bad habits and delusions. Who else has this. My voices say I was designed by aliens to be the weakest being and that they will clone me and put my mind in that clone to torture. They also say my torture is bigger than the entire universe and will expand my mind to feel more pain than normal

I ignore coincidences. I used to worry about them a lot.

My voices just say “I love you” and “you’re a good person.” They also say heaven is a great place and sometimes they say they are real people who live there. I don’t put any more stock into it than if I was dreaming, which is very little.


Yeah they tell me that every is trash and gets tortured

Mine used to tell me I was going to hell and that I’d be torn apart, or that I was on trial for my soul. Once I found a good medicine (Zyprexa), they turned into nice voices. It’s weird, I expected them to stop talking, but instead they just turned from mean to nice. Lots easier to deal with. I wish your voices were nicer to you.

when I had delusional thoughts about that I had been cloned by a psychologist who asked for a piece of hair from me. But, I could remember it vaguely.

I have a lot of coincidences, glitches in the matrix


My voices are like that too. My nurse practitioner keeps asking me what the voices are saying. I say they go on about a lot of things. I tell them ■■■■.

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When I see coincidences I get paranoid

Some times I see coinicodents like on a 90’s show they will be my name then the name angel and the shows about some murder or the person has delusions. Happens alot

For how long have you been on antipsychotics and not doing drugs?

The only drug iv done is weed and been on medication for like 2 years

glitches like what?? The only ones I’ve seen are times I don’t remember and stars in the sky move on me and some times the moon

Did you stay off the weed ever since you went on aps?

yes 1313131223222

I hope things get better for you. It sounds extremely stressful. The whole torture and isolation delusions.

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yeah it sucks thinking all the time that your going to get tortured forever one day for nothing

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