Cognitive impairment

What exactly is cognitive impairment? What are your cognitive impairments? I’m not sure that I have any.

Cognition: the mental action or process of acquiring knowledge and understanding through thought, experience, and the senses. (So says google)

Anything going wrong with related processes to that. It’s like the self learning part of being conscious I guess.

I typically use the word in a broader sense. Like OCD seems like a cognitive disorder. immense redundancy and cyclical thinking seem like a cognitive disorder. Even the pillars of psychological addiction seem like a cognitive disorder.

If I had a more typical cognitive impairment I’d say that sometimes when I’m thinking i immediately forget what I was thinking about simultaneously as I realize how new and interesting the it is. Really sucks. My mind got switched away from empowering creativity and free thinking. I’m hoping with time these faculties become a bit more accessible. For now when it happens it’s like I’m dreaming when I’m awake.

I forget what I’m talking about in the middle of talking all the time. The concept is just…poof…gone.

And sometimes I just stare at people when they’re saying something and I can’t focus. I have no idea what they’re saying. I’m not even thinking of other things. My brain just shuts off or something.

Are these cognitive impairments?

I don’t really know. Seems like it could be.

Is it more of a communicative thing? How is your thinking when you are alone?

I do have moments where I lose track of what I was saying, pretty easy with the distraction of ongoing psychosis. I can typically recall it before it hinders conversation, but I’m also sure it is noticeable to others.

I forget my thoughts just as easily alone. While I was writing that last post I had to stop and reread yours a couple times to remind me what I was trying to say.

That happens on my end as well.

I think that is pretty common for all people though. Especially when multiple arguments or points of discussion are involved.

Don’t let it get you down. Just roll with it.

It’s such a struggle for me to break out of this psychotic focus. I just want to forget it and establish a frame of mind like my psychotic experience never happened.

Unfortunately I have to stay focused on doing things. When I don’t I either fall back to psychotic thinking or I start drifting and can’t remember any of it.

I’m more functional than I have been since getting sick, but the last 2 hours of every day is spent laying in bed psychotic/thoughtless/drifting. I lose sense of time. I might as well be asleep, but I’m not.

I don’t know the brain is just a tool. Mine used to work a lot better.

Thanks for your reply and experiences :slight_smile:

I noticed today that i’m very bad at doing simple math in my head now.

Also this. My symptoms are the worst when I first wake up, and late at night.


I get brain wipe as well… in the middle of a thought or saying something and all the words vanish. I’ll be talking… and the next word I was going to say… is gone… brain wipe. I hate it when that happens.

I also have a hard time making up my mind. I get very flip floppy at times and it’s usually on small decisions…

I used to get very confused by anything more then a two step process… but with help and meds… and practice… I’ve been getting that processing back.

Memory… concentration are also what I have problems with…

But with help and practice… it’s getting manageable.

Good luck and I Hope things get better for you.

Cognitive impairment for me is decline in intelligence. I have memory loss, I can’t focus/concentrate like I used to, no motivation, and I feel like my IQ dropped 20 points. In the prodromal stage, I thought I was getting dementia. My grades suffered and my stress level sky-rocketed. I used to be above average at abstract math and now I have little interest in proving stuff. It’s a young mans game and I’m tired of solving useless puzzles. I’m trying to get into programming but it’s hard to function with decreased brain ability. I learn stuff and then forget it. My doctor thinks I’m over-estimating my struggle but I don’t think so. She won’t give me Adderall because I would become psychotic but I feel I should at least try it to see if it helps.

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some say a psychosis trip can damage the brain

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I sometimes forget what I’m thinking about. It’s frustrating when I’ve planned to do a google search and what I wanted to search has gone right out of my head. Sometimes it comes back after a while,sometimes not.

My cognitive impairments are with executive functioning (NB organising and planning) and with a much lower visual spatial than verbal ability.
I am not good with tasks requiring a multi step approach.

Here are some videos on the issue of cognitive impairment in schizophrenia:


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You can undo a bit of the cognitive impairment, but not all. I play a lot of memory games on my phone and tablet. (Brain training games intended for seniors to delay the onset of dementia). I do crosswords, math practice sheets, sudoku, etc. While I’m lousy with physical exercise I am super faithful about this because it has made a massive difference in my life.

While I still have to schedule all sorts of reminders for myself, I am mostly able to keep on top of my own schedule and hygiene now.

They say that fish oil and Ginkgo Biloba help. Have tried those for years without noticing any effect. I’ve found sarcosine helps midly. Also get a bit of a boost from creatine (weight-lifting supplement that has been linked to mental acuity in many studies). Problem with creatine is that your body converts it directly to formaldehyde, so I stopped using it. Haven’t tried Noopept yet. Considering it.

That’s where I’m at.



While I think brain training helps, I doubt doing silly games will make us like we once were. No amount of lumosity or whatever is going to make me like I was. It’s gone.

Those videos were very helpful. Thanks.

Here are my current lumosity results. I struggle with processing speed and memory.