Cognitive impairment

Cognitive impairment means those of us with SZ are dumb. It’s demeaning to go into it. It makes me feel inferior to other people. It’s discouraging.I have a high IQ but I’m operating at the level of an idiot sometimes. I went to Harvard. My intellect is intact. Other people think I’m brilliant but days go by without my being able to put my thoughts into sentences. I can’t connect. Researchers make me feel dumb and inferior to other people. They go into cognitive impairment in great detail, showing other researchers exactly why people with schizophrenia are cognitively impaired, down to the nerve endings in the brain and the chemicals that cause the impairment. They have theories about why we have cognitive impairment in the first place. Simply said, they think we are dumber than other people although they don’t come out and say this. You don’t have to believe this. It’s demeaning. They might say this kind of thinking is the result of my cognitive impairment. I am planning to write an encouraging book aimed at people with SZ.