Dealing with cognitive impairment

How do you deal with low verbal fluency, delayed information processing, slow thinking?

I find it very discouraging to have to be so slow in conversation. I was crying feeling like I would never keep up the pace with society. I am learning a lot about cognitive impairments in schizophrenia and the outlook is very dim. I read from "Essentials of schizophrenia: chapter 4, Neurocognitive impairment.
I have told people that I am really just being careful about what I say, but really I am just impaired. Should I explain my impairment or just say that I think differently?

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The book I am reading states that the impairment is a core feature of SZ and not caused by medications, and I was impaired before taking meds too. So i would probably need to say that I have cognitive impairment from a brain disorder.


I feel that people dismiss me when I tell them that I am impaired, like they run away.

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I write a lot. I know I write better then I talk. For school, I signed up with the student’s with disabilities office and they e-mail me notes and support help. I am also offered tutors too. I can tape my professors lectures and take pictures of the notes in class since I can’t write that fast.

during face to face conversations… I’m sort of screwed. I come off as the quiet one.

At work… thank goodness… most communication is via e-mail.

But I’ve had some vocational training and some social skills training books on how to improve and some therapy on how to get better.

I got hollered at on the phone by a dental receptionist. Took to long to respond to her question.

hellooooooooo, are you still there, helllooooooo

angry voice

Could you answer quickly.


Thank goodness I can book appointments via e-mail too.

What social skills training books and resources helped you and what would you recommend I do?

That happens to me too, people think you are not giving them your attention or do not care, when really it simply takes longer to process information.


I don’t think I have much cognitive impairment due to Sz but I do have a good deal of it anyway and otherwise and it’s so similar to Sz stuff that it would be impossible to differentiate if it hadn’t been the case my entire life.

For instance I have a learning disability called Dyscalculia which is mathematics related but has a much wider effect than just doing math. Like I can’t play any but the most simple card games…when it comes time to play poker I have to come up with one of my excuses real quick. But yeah I guess I’ve just got good at either hiding it or avoiding the circumstances in which it will be readily apparent.

I think a lot of my social impairment is anxiety related but is pretty similar to anything caused by Sz…like I just got nothing most of the time when it comes time to have something to say…I avoid having to make small talk…I avoid pretty much anything that’s going to make me look like an idiot…not the best way to cope but it’s what I do.

When I can’t avoid these situations I tend to nowadays to just shrug it off and not think too much about what others think of me…this is getting easier as time goes on.

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Please note… I get a bit nervous when people ask me to tell them what to do… everyone is different with different things that make their day hard…

But for me… My therapist worked with me from this one…

It’s available on Amazon.

I also got into a CBT program through the local University that worked on coping with voices, paranoia and other stuff. There was group skills… and actually this site has helped me.

I’ve learned a lot about how to respond to others and not just jump in with a story about myself … stay on topic better, keep the answer appropriate. I’ve even learned to value a bit of “small talk” which I couldn’t stand in any form a year ago.


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Some of my cognitive impairment came with the schizophrenia , some with the medicines. I don’t talk much, so it doesn’t come up much.


I looked up LATUDA if you can try this it is supposed to be good for this but guess what kits not available in the uk big fat GRRRRRRR

Not diagnosed with sz but am a mix of higher cognitive skills in some ways and cognitive deficits in others. Never had any recognition or help. Mainly because people having a high IQ coupled with areas of cognitive deficit wasn’t as recognised when I was younger. Now of course(not that i would have reached quite that high) there is gifted and learning disabled.

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Sometimes I say - My mind doesn’t work - in a not exactly serious way. It’s honest + I’ve heard normal people say that.

I am on Latuda and it is good, but I still experience slower than average information processing and delayed responses to people. Risperdal works better I think but Latuda has not caused me to gain weight or increase my appetite, I needed to lose weight since my liver was fatty and scarring, so Latuda is a life saver.


I’m also on Latuda with the seroquel. It’s been very good with the seroquel, I can keep the symptoms in check and not feel as sedated as I did when I was on high doses of seroquel alone.

I also think Latuda is a life saver.

let them know its a brsin fog caused by your medicine, you know its something not right about you but you have to take meds