Cognition and schizophrenia

If studies have shown that cognitive impairments in prediagnosis schizoids occur as early as adolescent or teen stages, does it mean that we have yet to seen the full potential of our cognitive level (with or without any cognitive impairment) and while a schizophrenia outbreak or onset will likely sharply reduce cognitive capabilities, treatment with antipsychotic will mean a gradual improvement in cognitive abilities, potentially past levels we have identified in our youth or pre-developed stage?

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I think you can improve on meds if that is what your asking. Psychosis and even depressive breaks are most likely brain damage from what I have read so there’s that…but I think you can improve in cognition for sure on meds.

I don’t think I’m where I was pre-SZ (I was put in a gifted program in Jr. High.) Now I’m just smart enough to get into trouble. The good news is that I can still cognitively outperform most neurotypicals.

My doctor told me schizophrenia is a neurodevelopmental disorder so it shows signs in childhood. So i think thats prob why. My cognitive stuff hasn’t improved with medicine. It’s worse as time goes on whether i take the medicine or not. For me im definitely not anywhere near where i was pre-schizophrenia or even close to where i was 5 years in, 10 years in, 15 years in.

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I did this partly through meds and also through pushing my limits daily. Some weeks I moved the needle forward and others I didn’t, but I didn’t stop trying.

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