CNN Legal Analyst Paul Callan calls the Mentally Ill Sickos on Air

At about 1 minute into this video.

“As opposed to mental illness, a lot of criminals have mental illness, I mean the jails are filled with criminals who have mental illness, there’s psychotics, there’s sociopaths, they’re serious sickos. That’s how they get to prison.”

CNN, Fox, and MSNBC are sensationalist networks. They got the radio talk show host disease, and stopped making points a long time ago. And now all they do is listen to themselves talk.

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Here’s a petition on for his firing. Sign it if you want to send CNN a message that this form of stigmatizing hate speech has no place on the air.

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A criminal on air blabbing about other criminals.

I see them for what they are, and the only thing keeping most people from being cruel dictators is the fact that they were not given a kingdom.

If only there was some way out of here.

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Signed! I used to respect this guy, sad.



I signed the petition. It doesn’t look like there are very many signatures so far, but hopefully there will be more and it will have an impact.

We are neurologically challenged not mentally ill. They have been able to change the perception on retardation to mentally challenged or physically challenged vs handicapped. What a difference that has made in those effected by the neuro imblances or challenges, to their self worth and their families.Autistic children are known for having very high IQs yet they cant convey it in words or normal interactions with people, but they are no less worthy of our love and respect as you and I. I have a challenged child, but our school system works hard at protecting them and educating the student population on bullying and acceptance. The majority of SSDI are neuro cases, and the number is staggering according to the new outlets. If it is that high does that not tell you that the probability that someone in your own family, possibly house is also, yet you view them as normal and love them just the same so why are we rejected or thrown out or stigmatized. Also over 80% of our senior population see a neurologist for one thing or another yet it is considered aging at that point. But its been in the genetic make up all along.

I admit it, I used to watch CNN all of the time. There has been management changes at the top level recently. This news network has changed for the worst. It is becoming more gossip filled, talk about celebrities, more mind numbing documentaries, more time dedicated to sports. In other words less time on real issues and news facing this country and the world. Too many news “celebrities” are getting away with saying whatever comes to their feeble minds.

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