Ugh, news reporting that Nazi who ran down counter protesters may be sz

Of course, can’t confirm any of this, but he may have been ill as early as 13 or 14, violent towards his mother. He was on meds at some point, they say. Possibly off them during the attack.

Not a lot of details.

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Well that doesn’t sound good.

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Yes, his teacher said he was discharged from the military because he had a psychotic disorder. That’s hardly official confirmation, but I was disheartened to see it.

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Wow this is just gonna make the stigma worse.

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Nobody (as in general society) cares if he’s mentally ill. All they care about is making an example of him as symbol to hate or praising him as a hero.

Either way someone is trying to get this guy out of prison by saying he has a mental illness.

I don’t think it’s going to get him out of prison. You have to be extremely ill for that. And at this point we don’t know whether he committed the crime because he’s a racist ■■■■■■■, or if he was under some delusion (or both).

There’s a difference between commiting a crime and being mentally ill and commiting a crime because you’re mentally ill.


I did a quick search and no one mentioned that he was mentally ill.

Yeah, I read in the news that his social studies teacher said Fields admitted to having schizophrenia and being on an antipsychotic medication. Can’t find anything that says if he was off meds at the time of the attack.

Now I’m listening to a radio program with a guest saying the meds made him do it. Not like a nutjob caller, the guest speaker.