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no not tardive dystonia. NAMI Claims many in prisoners are mentally ill. the public equates mental illness with violence. it is a disservice to both groups. this will further marginalize both

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But the mentally ill DO get violent - they just don’t understand what they are doing. Note all the talk on this forum about cutting.

with the new dsm-10 many will be diagnosed on a whim. giving you your point, is like admiting my criminality. i want to know where my responsibility lies. taking full responsibility means going to prison.

this will shift control into lawyers hands. make ALL a permanent wards of the State

The system in this country (USA) is set up where it is easier to throw mentally ill patients - many who dont know what they are doing, thanks to psychosis - into jails, the system avoids hospitals and does not seek out medical help for the severely mentally ill, the laws are set up this way. It is easier for cops - who rarely have serious training to deal with schizophrenia and bipolar patients to throw us in jails and then we get placed into the prison system.
Many of the crimes committed by the severely mentally ill are petty crimes - peeing on someones lawn etc…
The prison system has become the new norm for dealing with MI patients - its disgusting


Then it is more mature, taking responsibility, to go to prison, if one thinks punishing will change behavior.

i cannot control myself!!! that is the message we are sending. no wonder the MI are so easily sluft off. slulft?is that even a word?

you be the judge :slight_smile: random nonsense to fill space, jane fonda was good in Barbarella

It’s that an injured mind can’t support its own maturity.

@chordy boys will be boys. i myself am a toys are us kid.
@mjseu no more traveling for me. you can take my body but never have my mind.

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for clarity yes we are represented in the prisons, but the last artcle i read it seemed to me much overblown

I think the main difference with being drunk in the US is that we just aren’t real responsible when we drink. Maybe it’s carried over from behaving irresponsibly at all those underage drinking parties with no adult supervision…IDK.
Have you ever watched one of those “cops” show?
Nothing stupider than an obnoxious drunk that wont stay inside their own home.

Here it is only a misdemeanor to be intoxicated in public, usually, it’s a disorderly conduct while under the influence, or disturbing the peace…either way you sleep it off for 8 hours with a bunch of others in the same boat at the police drunk tank. No fine for it either which is ironic because if you’re caught drinking alcohol in public (without the mandatory brown paper bag wrapper) it’s also a misdemeanor, but the fine is $270.

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SLOUGHED OFF. Yes, it’s real word and you used it correctly. But spelled it wrong.

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And Cat Ballou…

Cat Stevens and Chuck Mangione, LOL. You can be my own dictionary app anytime

I hate when someone tries to blame their violence on mental illness. Yes there can be violent mentally ill people out there but if someone has no record of a disorder and shows no real signs of it they should not be able to use the insanity defense. Even if it is only temporary insanity…people would rather mislabel someone crazy than go on to think they could rationally pull off some heinous crime.

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truth is stranger than fiction. my delusions are top shelf i’m passionate of them. the Sane created a world of war hunger and poverty. i rest my case