anyone on clozapine and if so for how long? ive been on it 6 years just wondering if its safe long term use

I think it doesn’t have any “long” term side effect,and I read that it can prevent cancer also,:slight_smile:

British studies have said otherwise as far as side effects…though some doctors do use it in conjunction with chemo for C…

and this is well known
“SIDE EFFECTS: Clozapine may cause a severe reduction in white blood cell count, a condition known as agranulocytosis, in approximately 1 in 100 patients who take it for at least one year. White blood cells fight infections, and a severe reduction in white blood cells can result in severe infections. If not caught early, agranulocytosis can be fatal. Therefore, the white blood cell count should be measured (with a blood test) prior to starting treatment and regularly (weekly) while patients receive this medication, and for 4 weeks after it is stopped.”

I too have been on it 6 years or so and nothing bad has happened, actually the few side-effects that I had have lessened over the years.

do you dribble uncontrolably? i wake in the morning and my pillow is soaking wet and im always chocking on my spit

My son has been on Clozapine for about 1.5 years. He drools while sleeping. I think I read once that limiting liquid intake a hour or so before bed may help reduce this.

oh i might have to try that

The psychiatrist can prescribe something for the drooling. I cant remember what it’s called but there is a thing for it.

yeah i take it called hyosine. helps a little but not fanastic. its one of the only side effects that really bothers me