Experience with Clozapine

Is this drug as awful as it looks online?

Anyone got any experience with it to share?

My doctor wants me to go on it and I said no based on what I have read online.

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Hi. For me, clozapine is THE BEST antipsychotic on the market. I have been on clozapine for 8 years and I plan to be on it for few more years. I’ve tried other antipsychotics but nothing compares to clozapine.

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Clozapine has been the best drug I have been on. Unfortunately my white blood count has dropped an I have to go off it. Does anybody know of a new drug that is similar that I could try? I see my pdoc Monday

These sorts of things were what worried me. I have changed now from Latuda to Haloperidol as I didn’t want to go on Olanzapine again. I hope it works properly as Latuda really didn’t agree with me. I have had akathisia from it and it was really bad.

My dr was going to put me on clozapine if invega didn’t work. Fortunately it did, so you might try that. I take the pills 6mg

I’m glad I didn’t get put on clozapine because for the first several months, one has to get blood work done once a week. Too much responsibility for me!

I’ve been on Clozapine for 18 years. While it does help with Voices and delusions I find the side effects unbarable. I sleep 12 - 14 hours a night and then take a nap in between for 2 hours so all of my time is taken up by sleep. It also makes my unmotivated and groggy. Then there is the drool when I sleep I need a towel to soak the drool. And then I get a rare side effect with Colzaril of RLS.(Restless Leg Syndrome) I had to see a Neurologist about it and I’m on a med to calm that down. There is also the regular blood tests. So it helps quite a bit with SZ symptoms… I hate the side effects. I told my Doctor that I’m open to trying new meds because I find Clozapine unacceptable.

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It cured my psychosis but i still have cognitive symptoms. Also im lucky that i dont have low white blood cells.