Clozapine experiences


So the psychiatrist has finally settled on a diagnosis of schizophrenia plus a ‘mixed’ personality disorder, and is starting me on clozapine. I know the major risks and side effects, but i’m keen to hear others experiences of this medication

Thanks in advance


I’ve been on it for about a year now and it really helps.
Side effects include drooling, being tired.
Blood tests every week are annoying, but worth it.
I hope it helps you.


Thank you



I’m also on clozapine, it didn’t stop the voices but I listen way less than I used to. I started with 25 mg but these days I’m taking 50 mg.

I started 3 years ago and yesterday I did an hemogram (my 1st one) and all the values were ok.

It helps a lot, but it takes some time to work :confused:


They’re talking about getting me to a dose of 300 mg - is that high then?



Not a high dose… i think its a average…take care…


I’m on 325 mg they don’t increase dose as risk of fits


Clozapine is the only med that ever did anything for me, I was a non-responder to the other meds which is typical. It has much fewer side effects to the other meds and it has kept me out of the hospital.


Thank you all for the advice :crossed_fingers:it works for me - seven different antipsychotics either haven’t worked or given me sky high prolactin levels…



10years on clozapine, I must say the higher the dose the more zombified you will be. If you can tolerate it and it doesn’t interfere with your daily life then happy days.
I was on 350 but then I complained to doctor that it was interfering with my social life so I’m now down to 125mg at night to which I am only taking 50mg as this drug is very very powerful so go easy on it
The relaxation effect of this drug is brilliant! You breeze through life and before you know it you’ll wonder where it all went :joy:
Best of luck and try to take it all at night!


I’ve been on this clozapine since January. I feel like crap. I don’t drink or do drugs. Maybe it takes longer to work. My worker thinks im doing awesome. Agree to disagree


350 mg . blood tests are annoying.


The psychiatrist is aiming for 300 mg for me don’t know what time of day yet. It’s obviously quite a zonking med - is it as bad as quetiapine?


From 300mg I start to get orthostatic hypotension. Too much side effects. But it is very effective drug.


I start it tonight - hoping it works… :crossed_fingers:


I have been on clozapine for five years. Works well for me!


Anyone notice a phlegm like feeling shortly after taking your clozapine for the day. Feels like phlegm suck on my tonsil.