Clozapine Doses

Okay so in a nutshell I have been taking 25mg of clozapine for the last 7 years.
I was always told that in order for this medication to work it has to be up near 300mg or more
Can anyone tell me if 25mg is okay?

I’m on 325 all together
25 sounds very low
What are you taking it for?

I’m taking 300mg. I also think 25mg seems low

I was on 300 and it made me sleep too much and eat too much. When I was in the court system my pdoc had me on 25 or 50 just to get me through trial. Idk I think this powerful drug would help at 25 mg but maybe recommend more. 300 was wayyyyyy too much for me to tolerate.

I take this for schizophrenia. Now if 25mg has worked for 7 years I really am amazed

Do you find that your speech is low or delayed? I find on a really low dose i can talk normal and fast
It feels like effort when I try and talk on a high dose
I was at 300 at one point for like 2 years but that was a long long time ago. Sorry just been curious :blush:

Are you still on this? What dose you on now
Your right about it being a powerful drug, I think it is the root cause to my anxiety that’s why I chose the low dose

How are you finding the 300 dose?
Any issues you’d like to share with me, I would like to know more about the higher dose as it was years ago when I was at that level