Anyone on clozapine

Does your doctor not increase dose cos of risk fits
What dose are clozapine people on?

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I am on 200mg, but I have tried 300 in the past and I was sedated, couldn’t speak properly.

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Are you on clozapine alone

No, Aripiprazole and olanzapine too

Thanks for that information @Om_Sadasiva

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I’m on 500mg all at night. I used to have a split dose but moved to all bedtime.

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Thanks I think I need higher dose

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I was on three hundred for a year, got sick and tired of doing all that blood work.

I only do once a month which is not a big deal. At first when it was once a week it was kind of a pain.

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I am on 200mg in the morning and 300mg at bedtime. So 500mg total. :fish::fish::fish:

I was on about 600mg before I started slurring and couldnt talk properly.

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What is the max? 900mg a day? :thinking::thinking::thinking:

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900-1000 I believe.

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I’m on 225mg. 50mg in the morning, 175mg at night. It can be really sedating

Im on 150 mg at bedtime. It makes me sleep for like 12 hours

One week was enough for me. Good luck.

I’m on 400mg. Still hearing voices so went up to 475, but got colitis and had to stay in hospital for 3 days. So 400mg it stays at.

I know that 375mg will make me very paranoid and anxious so 400mg seems to be the right amount

I’m on 325 and they refuse to increase it as risk of serious side effects such as seizures

Im on 400mg. My pdoc has had to increase my dose (before i was on 300mg) because my clozapine levels were too low

Any of you experiencing white blood cell problems. I’m just curious.