Close to giving up on work (For now)

I started work again this week, after over a month off sick.

It was hell, and even though I was on half days, after each stint I was in a mess

Nearly had crisis services back in my home again, but I got away with it

With a new med regime about to start, I have a feeling things are going to be disrupted for some time before I can be stable again

Feel defeated about this


I understand. Sometimes a month is not enough.

But I admire you for not giving up the fight.

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Hopefully the meds will help so you can work

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If you can find an employer who will accept you after the time it takes to find the right med don’t hesitate to accept the job.


Not sure what to say, but sending more (((hugs))).


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I think on Monday I am going to just tell them what has happened, and offer up my resignation if they want to hire someone else

Their contract is up for renewal in March, and I don’t want to be responsible for ruining their chances of keeping their client…


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