I phoned my jobs specialist today to cancel

i want to get back with my support worker, i’m not ready for work just now and its making me sick, idk how i could have ever thought i could work even part time.


Even if you’re not ready to work now, don’t give up on yourself. Fall back and take care of yourself. Do what you gotta do to be stable. Then you can try it again.


volunteering is a good way to warm up

I’m not ready either. I read an RN specific article that said you should wait at least 6 months after changing meds and get a good nights sleep for 6 months before considering going back to work. I’m aiming for August to feel better on my new med and start to look for work. Its a very difficult decision to make, whether you are ready for work. It shouldn’t have ever been this hard, at least not for a normie. It broke my heart and I’d almost given up about being able to work until I read that article.