Clopixol Depot

Hey there.
Ive been on a variety of medications over the years but the one consistent factor has been the zuclopenthixol ( clopixol) depot.
I tried invega sustenna first after refusing meds at second admition 7 years ago. At the time i hated psychiatry and pretty much the world .
However my dad felt like it didnt work and i was to angry or agitated a couple days after administration.
I then went on clopixol.
At this point 7 years on i have to say im what u might call addicted, dependemt on it.
I even request higher and more frequent doses.
The calmness it produces is unbeatable and it doesnt take away my thought processes so i can continue to produce music.

Anyway if youre struggling and looking for an alternative to newer lai ask your doctor about Clopixol. It could be right for u.


Hey. I am on the sister depot -depixol. It is a life saver for me.

Like you it brings quiet and I also want it increased as well.

I have been on high dose clozapine but I got much better results with depixol

Yeah i came off clozapine as well. The sedation from that just makes me sleep too much while the depot is more practical like actually doing what i want to do with tranquillity. Do u take any pills prn jimbob?

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Am also on quetiapine pills. Yourself?

I was admitted for a week to come. I took a high dose of clopixol 400 mg every other week and will be lowered next week to 500 mg every 3 week. At the same time I will be upped with100 mg seroquel and 40 mg geodon. Yes typical are realy good at killing positive symptoms but if you take the max dose you can realy get some bad medication induced negatives. I am very happy with the new dosing and Iā€™m looking forward to see some of the negatives get decrease.LMost of the atypical are very gentle sideeffectwise.