Clear Headed

Ive been feeling clear headed these past few days which is peaceful but also a little uncomfortable. I sometimes like the action in my head it makes me think. Might be because I recently started zyprexa and adderal. Overall I feel decent though. Im worried about social conversation though because I sometimes rely on all the stuff happening in my head to think of new stuff. Worried I’ll become quiet and boring even though I don’t socialize often. Also I have a lot of deep conversations with myself when theres a lot of action “up there”


Nothing wrong with being quiet and boring. Boring is good. Quiet is good.


Yep, I agree with everhopeful, boring sometimes is good, calm is awesome. I had to learn to appreciate it though, btw I am also rooting for you, different thread same message


The quiet has been killing me lately. I’ve been rehearsing talks I plan to give someday and the antagonist of my mind tries to pause me from talking. He basically demands music 24/7. I dunno, currently giving into his demands. I can’t be satisfied unless he is satisfied… so it seems…

Well I wouldn’t exactly call that quiet and music is certainly not the worst thing my head has demanding from me. Sometimes though its like my body has its own voice and wants various things like music. It can be stressful. Though I do enjoy the conversations with myself or the other or whoever I’m conversing with.