Clear open mind

today i felt a real break through in my recovery and i am hoping i will continue to improve in the head department,

i went to a service as usual and i felt really open minded like i was totally open and clear in my head like i haven’t felt for a long time, my head was totally devoid of any stress and i just felt free from the burden of schiz and i also felt like i was at peace with myself but it didn’t last long maybe about 20-30 seconds but it was something for me to cherish and it gives me hope that what i am doing is helping me spiritually and mentally.

so i am hoping i will get this feeling again and that it will last longer next time, i think when we get mental illness in our heads it kinda clouds our vision inside our head and weighs us down spiritually and emotionally, i am trying to break through this vapour to open my eyes with a clear mind,

tbh nearly every time i go i feel better and it is always something new, i love trying to sing altho i still haven’t found my voice yet, sometimes i will sing sometimes not it depends so you really need to judge for yourself whats comfortable, i also sometimes just shut my eyes and listen to relax and try to take it in, when you are listening to other people talk its easier i think than thinking all the time it helps the brain relax.

sorry i just felt like talking about my experience today and how it helps me.


whatever gets u through dreamer. if god brings u comfort then i’m all for it. glad u had a good time xxx

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You have found it wise one… The holy grail for a schizo its to pursue a clear open mind. Like you I have clear moments but they don’t last long. I’ve always been a searcher of moments of clarity. Its just like being happy or joyful. You have to practice it inside. You have the power to influence people. Respond intelligently even to unintelligent treatment. You have the ability to experience your spirit. Whether that being dismal, or what you make it to be happy. God gave us free will. I’d rather not spend all of it frowning and just basically not enjoying life. There are psychopaths sociopaths 1 out of every 25 person is. They don’t feel a guilty conscience. Or remorse. Be resilient because you never know who is out there to raise you up, or put you down. Clear your mind of can’t.