Cigarettes lament - Over $3,000 per year habit

I start. I stop. I start. I stop…it’s driving me crazy. Yesterday I tallied up how much it costs me a year to smoke. Last year I spent $3275 on cigarettes…this was mind blowing to me. all that money. my precious money being thrown away just to get that much closer to getting cancer. crap. I am stopping smoking when I wake up in the morning. I can’t allow myself to smoke, it’s freaking wrong.

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Just going through the same thing. On the nicotine gum for last two days. Have tried patches and spray in the past with little benefit. Gum is best so far.

Saying that I am still smoking a couple of roll ups in the morning at the mo. Hope to stop this soon but at the moment don’t want to go ‘all or nothing’.

I just finished my last pack and am going back to bed. My niece is going through a cancer scare right now and she asked me to stop smoking for her. I have to try. I have to get my life back. Cigarettes has me hostage and I’m so tired of being a slave to them. I am using the nicotine gum too.

I have quit now for more than 8 weeks, and also drinking. The bill for those two combined was over $300.00 per month. I only get $700.00. There really should be a law preventing those of us who are on disability from purchasing these things. Just like the EBT program is set up to do.

Two words that can mean the difference between a better life experience and possibly a gruesome death : WILL POWER! alone, will give you the victory over those little old harmless looking little cigarettes. We create needs that we CAN satisfy because of the ones we can’t. Like “needing” love and meaning in our lives.

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@jukebox … please don’t take offense .,. none intended … but … are you on a mood stabilizer? Your moods seem to be quite variable about many aspects of your life. (P.S. You don’t have to answer.) Good luck with the smoking. I’ve been off 'em for 9 months now.


welcome to 1984, thats just sick.

Can’t have a game without rules.

I don’t care for quitting. Nicotine is good for the brain. Not afraid of cancer. They’ll probably cure it at some point in the future. Maybe I’m wrong

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@Twang thanks for asking. no, I’m not on a mood stabilizer…was about 2 mnths ago but there were side effects I wasn’t happy with…I"m a mess that’s for sure…day one is going nicely. I bought us groceries so I can’t buy cigs for at least 3 more days and I’m praying that I don’t fall down when I get money again. I feel excited that I am stopping today.

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Try an Ecig they really do help. I was spending £50 a week, now i spend about £6 a week.

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Yeah man. You gotta put that ■■■■ behind you.

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Can’t have rules without they’re broken, no matter what ■■■■■■■ game. But outlawing ■■■■ like that is jsut fascism.

And spending OMG! 300 dollars per month on your “smoking and drinking” that like 200 dollars less than what I spend in a week.

I probably wouldn’t have said anything of that nature if I hadn’t given both those habits up two months ago myself. It’s like I can preach now that I have quit again. I was really directing my advice to irresponsible drinkers and gamblers like myself who that kind of rule may have prevented me from buying so much each month. I really don’t like strict authoritarians either but I just realize and appreciate the order in the universe in a bigger way after tripping on a hit of acid one night when I was 19. Like the laws of gravity for example. Scientist rely on those kinds of universal laws to figure out other astronomical theories.

fair enough :stuck_out_tongue: