Cigarettes and psychosis

I’ll tell you all again. I quit smoking cigarettes and I can feel that my psychosis has nearly come to an end. Just a heads up. You should stop smoking. They seem harmless and one alone is but if you smoke constantly you’re ■■■■■■■ with your body and brain’s natural processes. Good luck guys


when i stop smoking i get very very tense and grumpy dont quit quitting just try again tc

Dont be a quitter! Keep up the coffin nails and we will all be nailed in our coffins in no time! lol

I’m down to 2 cigs a day. I’ve heard that if you call it stop instead of quit you have better luck because, in our language usage, it’s bad to be a quitter.

2 cigs a day chordy thats great, yeah quitting implies your missing out on something stopping means you doing something good for your health i get that.

@dandydinmot it’s nice to see you back. I was wondering how you’ve been.

For me, I’m still trying to quit. On an amazing day, I’m down to two, on a normal day lately, I’m at three.

August 1st. Is going to be my attempt to cut to one.

I’m lucky I never started. As a kid, I always pressured my mom to quit and I didn’t want to be a hypocrite, so I never started. Viewing this all from the outside and watching how much effort it takes people to quit is very enlightening. Looking at the chart of drugs addictiveness, cigarettes are up there with meth and morphine. It truely amazes me that cigarettes are legal and pot is not. I guess big tobacco was more convincing than little THC.


I even find cigarettes much more addictive than diamorphine was!

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I was able to give up alcohol and amphetamines 6 -7 years ago. I’m just now getting a handle of giving up nicotine. Your lucky you never started.

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My last butt was 5 PM on Thursday July 3, 2014. I walked into a dental clinic for a consultation, and the fellow said, “Yeah, it should come out. I’ll do it now if you like.”

Then he pulled out a molar and said, “Don’t smoke for three to seven days if you want your mouth to heal.”


That takes supreme willpower, Jayster. Everytime I’ve had teeth extracted, I haven’t been able to stop smoking. So I just pack my mouth with gauze to prevent disrupting the healing of the empty socket. Its worked well for me.

I’m very impressed that you just STOPPED! Just like that! You are to be commended.




Anythings possible just stop smoking. Ill admit ive relapsed but I’ve got more control over it now than I did. It has helped my mental health immensely. Its friday so I bought a pack probably going to be doing some drinking later on. But I think this is my goodbye to cigarettes. I want to be a healthy a possible.

hi surprised jay thanks your sweet I smoke tabacco not cigs and apparently tabcco is toxic to laptop keyboards just got a USB keyboard now:) 2 cigs a day is awesome tc

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your correct,I was stoped smoking for a 1 and Half years I feel better again i begun smoking now i am feeling the difference.

Yup, as I’ve said on here before, quitting smoking helped my voices go away SOOOOOOOO MUCH.

QUIT and see if it helps YOU!!

I wish I could stop smoking, but I like it too much. Immediate stress relief.
Ironically enough, I started smoking joes very soon after my inside voices appeared for the first time.

Smoking has had zero effect on my symptoms. I smoked for decades and I quit for 8 years once. There was no change at all.

It’s interesting, some of you claim stopping eliminated your symptoms yet many others claim schizophrenics smoke because it lowers their symptoms.

I think schizophrenics smoke to exactly the same reasons everyone else does.

Im not quitting and hope it kills me soon.

I hate this place and everything about it.

And just have no reason to stop.