Chronic insomnia linked to Ultra Processed Foods

Chronic Insomnia Linked to Ultra-Processed Foods, Study Finds (

A study of over 30,000 people show a link between UPFs and insomnia.

It might be wise to give them up if you are an insomnia sufferer.

Meds can cause insomnia so with upf on top it might be double the cause.


I’m not sure i have insomnia, per se. My issue seems to be that I cant sleep very long without waking up and not being able to get back to sleep. Then I have to wait to get tired again to get some more sleep in…and on and on.

I think if i could sleep straight through instead waking up so quickly, it would solve the problem.

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Yea I hate meds.

Yea processed food is really powerful. I wish it wasn’t everywhere.


I think the term is ‘sleep hygeine’ where a whole routine is set up to optimize sleep.

I’m sure there are books on it, if not a specialist sleep doctor.

Techniques about getting up and not using the bed for anything other than sleep. So no napping and resting on the bed throughout the day and just lying there trying to get to sleep etc.

I’d get a book on it and take all the measures in hand.

The sleep apnoea that you are suffering from could be healed if weight was lost. Not an easy task giving the meds, I know.

All of these things are not quick fixes or easy, but until they are addressed the problems will remain.

The sleep hygeine practices take several weeks to months to perfect but people with chronic insomia have been cured using these methods in sleep laboratories, so they do work.

All is not lost.

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The doctor ( who has just died in a walking accident on holiday) had a show about insomina.


I’m not sure you can access it in usa, but it was a great show:

BBC Radio 4 - Just One Thing - with Michael Mosley, Sleep Well - with Michael Mosley - My five tips to help improve your sleep

might be a link to it…

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Yeah, its working. Thanks. Will take a look.

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Sleep is so integral to my mental well being.

It is essential to get a good sleep.

If I were you I would dedicate a lot of time to getting this sorted. i would read the books, even see a sleep specialist, lose the weight and really commit to it.

My happiness is dependent upon a good night’s sleep. To be out of sync is awful.

I wake up during the night to pee. i take a cup of tea and i meditate for half an hour. 9 times out of ten i get back to sleep relatively easily. When I can’t, i get up and shower, relax and get some sleep later on in the day. Not too much though as I don’t want to get out of sync further.

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