Has anybody experience with a Chromebook?

I had a chromebook for years.


Can you recommend it? I eventually want to buy me one.

It’s a good computer for like browsing the internet, documents and such,

But it’s not compatible for any games or anything.

That’s my only problem with it.

I enjoyed my Chromebook and feel it was worth it.

Is 4 GB enough?

Oh I don’t know the specifics.


Maybe another member will know more.

How expensive was your Chromebook?

I don’t know,

My husband purchased it for me as a gift.

I just got a Chromebook for college. You can do stuff on the internet and write papers with it, but there is a lack of software for it. If you plan on using third party software, you might want to get a Windows laptop. I got the Chromebook because it is more secure than Windows. My Chromebook was $162.50 with taxes and shipping. It comes with built-in virus software so you don’t need that.

You could buy an Android tablet with a keyboard?

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What is better, Android tablet or Chromebook?

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An Android tablet has millions of apps. Chromebook doesn’t. Personally I’d get an Android tablet with a keyboard.

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Lenovo IdeaPad Duet 25,7 cm (10,1 Zoll) Full HD Touch 2in1 Chromebook (MediaTek P60T, 4GB RAM, 128GB Flash-Speicher, Webcam, Chrome OS)

I like this one.

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Currently running a DIY Chromebook. Got a $20 Lenovo Stinkpad at Goodwill and loaded Chromium on it. Works just fine for Web surfing.


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