Chromebook anyone?

I just bought a Chromebook because it’s supposed to be more secure, and it seems cheaper. I don’t have much use for it other than email, browsing the internet, UTube, and maybe occasionally zoom.

The strange thing was Best Buy gave me some antivirus software for free to download. It says it’s for a PC or Mac. I’ve read Chrome has built in antivirus, and you don’t need any.

What do you think of Chrome?

They have a built in lifespan of 5 years I think.

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The Best Buy website said the one I bought expires in June 2027. I don’t think I would want a computer any older than that. It’s six years close to the five you said.

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when i was in university over ten years ago i bought a netbook for like 300 bucks… it was great and i typed all my papers on it

i dont keep up with computers but i bet a new chromebook is pretty good

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I have a used Lenovo craptop from Goodwill that runs Chromium. I use it for writing and email mostly. It cost next to nothing.

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