Christmas time and best wishes

I know we all are really suffering from illness and trying our best with this life.

But I wanted to say I hope everyone has a good christmas and has good meals and gifts and most importantly shares love with each other

I ask everyone to post a happy christmas in this topic and share this when its the 25th of december christmas day

I also would appreciate it if you could post your best wishes and greetings early before
I want everyone to have a good time and enjoy this time of season

Feel free to share your plans also (:slight_smile:


Thank You! Same to you.


Merry Christmas Everyone! :santa:

I’m going to be home, hopefully playing video games with my brother. I wanted to give my brother a DVD/video collection of the Everybody Loves Raymond tv series, but I didn’t really think about that until I had spent my money on a book that I needed. :disappointed_relieved:

but still, going to be a good day! :smiley:

I googled “anime christmas” but couldn’t find a picture with a dude. it’s like finding a needle in a haystack! so I didn’t bother :frowning:


Have a good night @vampireeye and stay away from garlic, mirrors and stakes!


Cheers everyone!


On Christmas Day I am going on a hike with my two sisters. After that we will go to my oldest sisters house for a nice meal and just kind of relax and talk.

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I shall try hahaha. Have a good christmas dude (:santa:


You too. :)…

I wanted to get my bro the complete series, but that was 90+ dollars. so I just bought the season that had the most episodes, which is season 3 (10$). It’s coming on January 6th. and if he wants, I can watch the episodes with him, like when we were children. that tv show is one of the few things that don’t trigger me too much.

late christmas gifts are the best, eh?

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