Christmas food shopping

An idle mind is a mind that ruminates too much. Did someone once say that? Been thinking about Christmas grocery shopping. Am rather thrown. Usually go through the Christmas stuff online on the tesco site and choose stuff. Also buy quite a lot of the frozen party food stuff- but with just a fridge freezer now there isn’t room for it. Have coped better with the adjustment to my shopping routine than I expected, but confess to being thrown now.

Thanks for reminding me. I ordered my online grocery christmas shopping now in case there was a rush later in the week and they couldn’t fit me in.

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There are very few shopping slots left to do an online shop. I’ve been rather thrown this year.Nothing’s prepared in my head. Making adjustments isn’t my forte. Glad you got yours done.

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You shop at Tesco?? I didn’t know you were from the UK!

Yes. Living in Wiltshire now. I do online grocery shopping at Tesco but since I’ve been here have only done one online shop as I either walk to nearest supermarket with stepdaughter or she takes me somewhere in her car.

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