Poll : Did you use online shopping for Christmas this year?

  • Yes
  • No

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I don’t think I bought anything in store except for stocking stuffers (candy). I have such a hard time leaving the house. Online shopping is a blessing for me.


I bought most of the presents online this year.


Lots of vouchers being exchanged


I bought everything online :man_shrugging:

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I did almost all of my shopping online. The only shopping I did outside of the house was to return an online purchase then I got a store credit that I needed to spend. But we’ve got 2 extra people coming for Christmas last minute so today I’ll need to run out and buy them a little something so they have a gift to open.


First year I did no online shopping

Bought everything at the dollar stores

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Starlet has some obscure interests. They didn’t have half his things at the store. I had to look online.


I bought a lot of things online.

I bought cooking with kindness from Edgar’s mission.

I bought a online gift card to bws alcohol.

I bought bamboo undies from body peace.

I bought a vegan lipstick of eBay.

I bought some t shirts of eBay.

I bought some magazines online.

I bought a box of toilet paper from who gives a crap.

Can’t think of what else I may have bought online this Christmas.

Shopping online is great specially when we have difficulties shopping out in public sometimes etc


Did most of my shopping online, it’s just more convenient for me. Got stocking stuffers for Squirrelette at the local dollar stores. We do almost all of our grocery shopping locally, however.

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No But I sell online, gave gift vouchers this year

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Almost everything online. Amazon is my friend lol.


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