Childhood in California


I was kind of weird but grew up having a pretty normal life. Nothing outstanding about me. A follower not a leader. Not a lot of friends. Intelligent, good grades until about my third year of high school. Then I started smoking pot and my grades went downhill. I was nothing in high school, didn’t talk to anybody but friends. Kept to myself and hoped no one noticed me. I didn’t want to get bullied but looking back I honestly can’t figure out why no one bullied me. I wore glasses,I was not good looking, I had realy long hair, few friends,shy, awkward. I have a sneaking suspicion that my status was so low that bullies didn’t even find me a challenge and I was beneath getting bullied. Like I didn’t matter. It’s sad and I hope it’s not true. But on the bright side!!! Outside of school I had a few friends. I did a lot of normal things. Where do I start? As kids we all had our Schwinn Stingrays which were the most popular bikes. No gears, no hand brakes, no frills. We rode them all over our neighbor every day, and sometimes rode them on long trips to the big park several miles away. Or to the mall. There were these man-made big ponds near our house, a few miles away. They stocked them with blue-gills and bass. We would get up early in the morning, before it got light, pack a lunch, bring our fishing poles and go fishing all day. It was fun. Me and my friends played a lot of sports outside of school between ourselves. We were always playing baseball, football, soccer, or basketball. I was not a natural athlete but I wasn’t a terrible one either. My favorite sport was football and I was fairly good. As good as anyone else I knew. We would get some guys together and go play tackle football at the park. We also played two-hand touch in the street for hours. We had a weight set we worked out with in my friends backyard and we all got pretty strong and looked good. When we got old enough for cars in the summer we would go to the beach a few times a week and spent the day there swimming in the ocean or tossing the football around or the Frisbee in the sand. We packed lunches and laid on our towels working on our tans.We would bring a dime bag of pot and some beer and party. We went to the mountains and hiked and climbed rocks a lot too. I had a lot of miserable times but I had a lot of fun as a kid too.



You probably remember my kid sis had a shot at U.C. Berkeley and decided to stay in Seattle. But while the question was hovering, I was reading a lot of books on the S.F. Bay area and the towns and cities around there. You live in a great place. The history, the resources, the views, BART. It’s a place where I could see living if I wasn’t going to stay here.



What a great story, Nick! It sounds like you had a great group of friends. Have you stayed in touch with any of them over the years?

Your story reminded me of my childhood best friend. We were roommates for 8 years. And we went through a lot together. My illness, his crazy relationships.

We’re not roommates anymore, since he moved to Florida, but we still stay in touch. I consider myself very lucky to have kept a great friend for so many years.





Yeah, Surprised, I’m not bragging but we have EVERYTHING here. Mountains, lakes, beaches, great entertainment, good weather, etc.



Sound like you had a nice childhood, I did all kinds of things in my childhood, I got into computers when I was 15, when I purchased my first Sinclair Spectrum Z81, in my childhood I collected butterflies and moths and I still have these although over 30 years has passed, my father valued my collection so much that when I was in America and elsewhere 13 years, he kept my collection in a safe location. At 16 I started becoming internationally oriented, when I was chosen to participate in the Rotary International youth program in Devon, England during the time I did things I had never done earlier. I still have things I got from one family in Bideford whose father was a Lloyd’s banker. In my teens I also helped my father in some work because he was a well-known carpenter in our little town.



Great narration of one’s childhood, nick. I wish I could have such a good language skill.



Sounds like a great childhood. When everything was so well.