Were any of you ever bullied?

I was bullied a lot at school. From 13 through to 18 I got a lot of bullying. Basically the class ganged up on me and treated me as a fool. I was unfortunate to be in a class above my ability and was subjected to bullying for being stupid in their eyes. Anyway, Ive gotten over it and have learned to forgive. Sure, the bullies were only kids at the time. Anyway, did any of you get bullied at school, at work, or by friends or in life generally?

Only by my brothers. I learned pretty early on how to hold my own, no one ever seemed to bother me.

Karl,in similar situation as you,we’re bullied at class when I was 15-16,I think I got bullied because of my illness and lousy behavior antisocial

I had a hard time in the army where I was bullied.

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Yes, most people were just following peer pressure. One was just mean.

yes i was bullied horribly… especially in 5th and 6th grade…
to the point where they kicked me and chased me and wiped boogers on me and spit on me
and even in the girl’s locker room they would say horrible things and grab at my private parts
when i was changing for gym…

and i couldn’t tell my parents about the sexual stuff… i was just too ashamed… so all i could say
was i was being picked on… and my mom would say…they pick on you because they like you…
which ■■■■■■ me up even more…

hugs to all

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Oh yes, I was bullied. I was so tall and uncoordinated and hyper of course I was bullied. I think I wasn’t bullied as much as my brothers because I was just too far out of my head, it would have been a hollow victory for picking on me.

I do smile because a few years ago, one of my old school bullies ended up face to face with me. He started in on me a tiny bit. But I acted like I had 100% no memory of who this guy was. That really agitated him. He was getting irate saying, "How could you not remember me? Seriously? You DON’T remember when I did… (A, B, and C) and I just kept in on… “who are you again? I have no idea what your talking about. But wow, you do that to sick kids? I hope you don’t have kids if that’s how you treat them. Are you sure you even went to my school?”

I felt pretty proud of myself when I said something to the effect of, “I’m really sorry you felt the need to do twisted things to sick children. I hope you got help for that. Who ever you are, I have to go now.”

He was really rattled. Odd, but fun for me.


Yes -verbally between the ages of 13-18 for being physically and socially awkward. It was hard to escape from because it was a boarding school . Previous to that i was the object of teasing that stopped just short of bullying.

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I was bullied all through school starting in kindergarden and at home by my father.


I was bullied by my sister and kids at that catholic school I went to- until I beat the ■■■■ out of the smartass little ginger ringleader in front of everyone. Then I went to an all boys catholic school a couple years later and got picked on but they didnt tolerate fighting there so I just took it and transferred to an international school where everyone was smart and bullying didnt exist.

But if I saw the last kid who picked on me without getting paid back, I would assault him with a smile on my face and take a 7 day vacation to the local mental hospital.

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I was bullied in Kindergarten, second grade, fourth grade, 8th and 9th grade. I was so afraid of being hurt. One girl made me kiss the floor. A big strong girl punched me real hard. I was embarrassed because I was to scared to fight back. I don’t like to fight and I’m no good angry.

I was normal until my Sz acted up at age 13. After that I was severly bullied.

I’ve always been different I remember being smashed against the wall in primary school (ages six to eleven) and strangled (by the same person) but that was a one off event I just felt very different even that young. It was when I hit secondary school (eleven to sixteen) that I got bullied properly in the first year it was because of puppy fat and being short (I’m 4ft 10 fully grown imagine how small i was at eleven) but I turned their words around and in the end stumpy became a nickname. Then when my IQ shot through the roof and I started having obsessional interests I became socially isolated and even more awkward the physical assaults and call outs started when I became psychotic and was talking to myself (what I’m realising now) it got worse then there was the issue of whoever I may have been abused by (it’s complicated, there is evidence I was abused and I was physically and sexually assaulted by a group of men when I was sixteen in a public subway which I remember but I don’t have much recollection of what really happened, it’s one thing holding me back from recovering fully because I know if I come out of my head that may come back) I got the rumour of being an easy ride and was bullied for that from the boys, they even defaced my art work.

So I was bullied yes, now I don’t think I can forgive most of them it was obvious I was unwell and @SurprisedJ I think what you did was marvellous! You got him good!

However saying that, my best friend and me stopped being best friends at the end of primary school she even participated in some of the bullying but not so long ago she started reaching out to me and asking forgiveness, so I gave it. But every time I see the others I hide I mean when I’m out and about I’ve got my head down and headphones in but I’m trying to look around more, it’s not working well, it just ramps everything up but I’m trying, I’m terrified of young people (even though I’m only 21) I need to constantly remind myself I’m not young anymore I’m an adult but they still terrify me.

I’ve also been manipulated and used in my voluntary work placements which I’ve left now going to go to apply to a new one at some point. I just seem to have no luck with most people but the world has proved me wrong on a few occasions, like today I started a drawing class the group were all older than me and knew each other but they were lovely, only one ignored me and I can live with that so it’s not all bad.

I’m sorry you were bullied but glad you have learnt to forgive it’s more than I can do in the present moment. One day I will learn to!


That sounds like it was criminal.

but sponge bob square pants regreted it in the end !
take care


Schizophrenia is a bully… I got bullied when i went to a little high school in BFE but before i was in a crowd that bullied the bullies. Mainly bullied the jocks and preps that bullied the quiet ones.

I was bullied bad all through school, people bullied me for my looks and bc I was the weird kid. I have been bullied by a friend, I cut ties with them immediately. I am good now, I don’t relive the past, I’m over it.


Csummersx…when we were in the locker room no adults were around… other times it was during recess… and for some reason no adults were around… it was a private school… things never got that bad at public school… though i did get thrown down a flight of stairs in the fourth grade by a “friend” who always wanted to trade her nasty potato chips for my good ones… thankfully i caught the railing but busted up my ribs… and that was public school in between classes… sighs…

i tried fighting back… kicking one of the girls one time who picked on me… she just had her bigger friend come for me…

i learned to run really fast…


Yes I was bullied frequently in school by various people. When I was married I was bullied. My brother in adulthood bullies me from time to time in his own way. But here is the catch. I shamefully admit that I was a bully to my brother and some of the neighborhood kids in my childhood years. I am no longer a bully - I think that bullies are a menace to society, especially adult bullies. Bullying comes in different forms. I was hypomanic as a child, I think this had to do with my teasing behaviour

I had a very short fuse growing up. Anyone who tried to tease me got beaten up. So the result was I was not teased but everyone was afraid of me instead. In 5th grade the boys started bully a girl in class becase of her ears (completely normal ears). I was very angry with them and decided to be friends with the girl. And the bullying stopped. We were friends for 4 years, until I moved and changed school.