Chicks keep hitting me up for CASH

WTF is this ■■■■ bro.

I wouldn’t be giving no money away.

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Beggars also ask for money. Sometimes I give something.

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I think I remember you.


Why don’t you hang out here where its safer than on web cam sites for conversation.

Its free to talk here.

You are going to sites or services where they want your money.




Dont you give them cash all the time?

You da cash cow boiiiii :star_struck::star_struck:

The mods doubled punished me on some leave it beaver ■■■■ dawg.

I’m innocent.

You were suspended for breaking the rules. Nothing confusing about that, dude.

You ain’t got nooo chicks, bro.


I will go on cam for da moneyzzzzzzz :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Why are you trolling us?

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you got on my case the other day for liking women. what makes you think you can juldge and opress people? i dont know about this boy but do not ever impose your judgment or your opressive thoughts onto me again. you do not have the right. i hope that is understood.

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Dide, you need to chill out, @egofree

Also @Charles_Foster got on you for calling women “girls”. Get it right.

And I’m closing this because we’re all tired of the trolling.