The dumbest of the dumb

Are campaigning all over town, that their targets are prostitutes. If I was, I would have never been homeless and wouldn’t have to live in a shithole like this. I could have found a lot better men with more money, than the idiots who stalk women and then lie about them.

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Are you a prostitute? I’m confused.

No. I’m not. I’m saying, if I was, I wouldn’t be broke.

I’m confused. Who is campaigning?

Dumb thugs. Follow me around telling their bullsh$t. They think they brainwash people.

@anon6551389 you sound delusional.

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Part of it, might be. But they really do say things in public.

Why dont they just hang out at the strip club

They probably can’t afford it.

That is very not good, i thought that i was the most useless person on the planet. Never had luck with girls so went to the strip club in my 20s, had fun with this girl.

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Are you on medication?


This sounds terrible wishing you the best @anon6551389

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sounds hard =/
can’t you look for different place to live?

I’ve been looking for a place, and now they’re lying about me on my references. No one ever lied about me before. They didn’t even cash my last rent check, just to say I didn’t pay. I have a copy of the check and remember dropping it off.

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