When Jim Lehrer said good night

He was shocked. Somebody else said good night to him. It was me

I don’t understand. Are you talking to the TV?


Yeah. I wrote On Air. It’s broadcast. They got so pissed when I was tuning in on mine and they got so pissed no money.

I’ve seen a good man beg seen a tough man cry seen a loser win and a sad man grin I heard an honest man lie. Seen the downside up and everything in between.

@Daze, with all due respect, I follow your posts a lot. You get mean to people but you are interesting and have some interesting comments. But I think this past couple of weeks is the worst shape I’ve ever seen you in. Just take care of yourself. No need to panic, but just take normal precautions and don’t cause yourself undue stress or misery. I would tell anyone this who sounds like you sound in your posts lately.

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