Heard from my bf

I was getting worried because I haven’t heard from him. He just checked in finally. He’s getting a day off Wednesday. He the one who told me he has guns and will teach me to shoot one. Anyway I’m glad he’s all right. He’s supposed to be home soon, so I won’t be as worried about him.

I know you all think he may be scamming me, and I agree that could be. I don’t really have anyone else to talk to about him. All I can do is wait and see if he shows up here.

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We have given you advice and you just ignore it. :bug::bug::bug:


Thanks @GrayBear. I know.

I’d say there’s a 95% chance you’re getting scammed… but you’re too delusional to see it. Plenty of us have warned you. I wont feel bad for you when it ends in a disaster.


Thanks @TheCanuk. It’s a holiday today and I can’t contact my therapist or case manager. They will be at work tomorrow though.

@TheCanuk , saying you don’t feel bad for someone being scammed isn’t cool. He could honestly be vulnerable and easy prey.


@ZmaGal - What isnt “cool” is him ignoring all of our good advice to him. The reason im saying I wont feel bad for him is because hes been warned plenty of times. Hes a man in his 60’s, he should know better by now. I stand by what I said 100%. Sorry if you dont like it.


A man of the age he describes in the military should be retiring and wouldn’t need a job. There are too many red flags with this guy.


Ok. I’m sorry. I didn’t realize all that. Thanks for letting me know


No worries @ZmaGal


Oh he doesn’t need a job. He’s going to work some because he doesn’t want to sit around all day.

Sorry guys. I’ve been pretty good about not talking about him on this forum lately. It’s just today is a holiday and my psych clinic is closed. This is the only reason I brought it up.

How much money have you invested in the relation so far?


Not much. A $300 iphone SE. It was a leftover 2020 model because Apple just upgraded it.

He lost his phone while on patrol. I got him one because he will need it when he gets back to the states

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I don’t know what else to say to you @ElGato
I’ve said it all


Thanks guys I appreciate it. @Wave @TomCat @LevelJ1 @ZmaGal


We like a lot of the same stuff and have the same religious beliefs. We different with politics, and I wasn’t much into guns and shooting, but I’m willing to try it.

Oh sorry i didnt read above.

Well atleast its just a phone.

I mean people spend more on booze in a month for less enjoyment.

It seems like your enjoying the relation whether the person is legitimate or not. So as long as it isnt costing you a bunch of money its probably not a huge deal.

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He didn’t contact me today until 12:15am his time. He was tired, and I told him to get some sleep. Wednesday is his day off, and I’m hoping he gets some R & R.

I guess I’ll go in to my psych clinic tomorrow. I need to check in with them, If I can get my mind off off of him. I don’t normally go in on Tuesday.

I really truly hope this all works out in your favor @ElGato . I am afraid that you are headed for a big disappointment though.